Sunday, 14 October 2012


So hi, it is Sunday and here are some photos of myself from Friday, because I only just got home today. I felt like wearing red lipstick for once in a blue moon because yeah, I also wore my new/old earrings for the first time, new because I haven't worn them before and old because I bought them in May, I just haven't worn different earrings till Friday. So yah. Also after Chemistry Friday I bought a new hoodie from TopShop and a vest top, I was going to buy 2 but they wouldn't accept my Student ID because it was my last year one and I don't have a new one at the moment :c So I had to spend £28 on 2 things instead of £26 on 3 things, so annoying right? But I'm not that fussed because I still got what I wantedish, I just know I should of bought earrings instead, but I'll buy like a pack of 6 from UO next weekend :) Just so I have some diversity... So yeah I'm babbling now, here and some pictures...

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