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So I haven't posted in quite a while - soweee! But atleast now I have stuff to talk about. Well so today I dyed my hair over Roses :D Dark Brownnnn, well it should be dark brown but my family are just like its not that different, but they suck so yeah. And so tomorrow Rose has invited me to a Topshop Event thing when basically there are discounts and there is a DJ and loads of shiz going on, so yay! And then after we're gunna go pub and drink :B So yus. Here are some piccys :3 Btw they're probably not gunna look that good cos the lighting is shiiite in my room, so I don't even know how my hair looks cos I haven't seen it in natural light yet, gah the suspense :c

WTF bloggers a pile of shit they won't let me upload anymore photos because I've "run out of memory" um what. Stupid assholes. I'll probably put a photo up on my tumblr, yeah way to fuck up my mood blogger, hsssss

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