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Weekend Of Photoshoots!

Aaah these last few days have been craaazy :O Friday was hectic because I went shopping in town and bought some college stuff and more conditioner and shower gel, then I bought some KFC and had to wait like 1 hour and 30 mins for a bus from Churchill Way because they had redirected all the buses to finish their route there, so there was like a ridiculous amount of buses there and then loads were late because of some rugby match or something, it was crazy, so yeah and then I got to Josh's around 5.45pm and we ended up staying awake till 5am watching Brave and playing Halo 4 for ages :') and then he didn't even sleep! I just died on his bed and he stayed up, I woke up like 9am and we had breakfast and then I just napped a bit more, and then he went to bed around midday and I ended up falling asleep. But then I was woken up by Agnese calling me at 1pm asking if I wanted to do a small photoshoot, so I said yes and I left and went home and then she came over around 2.30pm I think and we got ready and then went to some park behind the museum around 4.30pm so it was already getting dark, but we managed to make it work, then she came back to mine around 6pm and we had some food and then she left at 7pm. So yah then I went to bed at 11pm. Then today! Agnese came over again at 1pm because we were going to do a bigger photoshoot and this time in the day! And also I needed to do a photoshoot and Agnese said she would model <3 2pm="2pm" :=":" :d=":d" a="a" ages="ages" agnese="agnese" am="am" and="and" around="around" awesome="awesome" back="back" beach="beach" because="because" been="been" bloody="bloody" bus="bus" but="but" by="by" cardiff.="cardiff." caught="caught" cute="cute" dark="dark" didn="didn" edit="edit" excited="excited" getting="getting" good="good" got="got" hadn="hadn" has="has" have="have" i="i" in="in" it="it" just="just" knacked="knacked" lighting="lighting" like="like" ll="ll" long="long" m="m" now="now" of="of" onto="onto" over="over" p="p" park="park" penarth="penarth" photos="photos" pier="pier" really="really" see="see" show="show" so="so" some="some" spent="spent" street="street" t="t" the="the" them="them" then="then" think="think" this="this" time="time" to="to" together="together" tomorrow="tomorrow" took="took" up="up" was="was" we="we" weekend="weekend" whole="whole" you="you">
EDIT: Well blogger just fucked up everything I wrote above -______- seriously dafuq! Basically we did a bunch of photoshoots and I cbf writing everything again cos I forgot what I said >:(


Small shoot I did Saturday after Aggies

Shameless :')

Red Lips

The shoot from today :)

Experimented a bit with the shutter speed + a tripod. AWESOME RESULTS :O

Can you see my face?

Pretty Clouds in the Horizon :)

Made the lights all blurry

She took a photo of me :')

What I wore for todays photoshoot

Me at yesterdays photoshoot :D
I'll try upload the edited ones from this photoshoot and also the one I did at Barry with Rose.
I'll probably upload the ones of me from Agnese's photoshoot :D 
Peace x

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