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So I thought I would write a blog post since a hellofa lot has happened since I last posted, which was 2 days ago (I know!!) I also have photos to post so ya know yay...
So I shall begin
So on sososoos :') anyways.... On Sunday I was having a pretty chilled day in my pjs, doing revision and what not because I hadn't managed to finish it on Saturday, because I wasn't home. When at around 5 nearly 6pm I get a call from Agnese asking if I would like to come out around 8, so I was like ._. should I hmmm? Because I was in my pjs hadn't showered since Friday and still doing revision. But how could I turn down the opportunity to go out??! So I asked my mum if I could and she said oui, so I showered super quick, straightened my hair, had dinner, did my makeup and left at around 8.15pm to go meet Aggie, I actually ended up spotting her on her bus, and she saw me too so she got off a stop early, it was so cool :') So then we walked into town and went to sit in The Gateskeeper or Gatekeeper I'm not too sure, and we were going to meet up with these two other girls, one who was in Agnese's photography class and her mate. But the gateskeeper wouldn't serve us, so we went to the Bar next to it called The Full Moon or something and they had some bands performing so we asked how much it was and then out of no where popped Rob and Arman and Lloyd and some other people, and we were like dafuq, and they had been playing and had just finished ;o, so then Kaiya (the girl from photography) and her friend Reem arrived so we went inside and bought drinks, I got double vodka and coke first, so yeah basically we ended up getting kinda drunk and dancing loads ahah which was fun, but Agnese had to leave at like half 10 :cc to catch her last bus home, but we had like a strongbows before that, and then I got another with the girls, then we left the bar at like... I have no idea, half 11? with all the boys and they asked us if we wanted to go back to Robs to chill, so we all went back apart from Lloyd who wandered off one point and ended up getting searched by police o-O but they didn't find anything. So yah we went back to Robs and just chilled then the girls had to go home because Reem lived in Riverside :O so they had to walk all the way back, so I just chilled with the guys and smoked some weed, even though I barely felt it :c and then around 3.15am Lloyd walked me home and I collapsed in bed. Oh yeah! But I realised I forgot my camera at Robs, so I told Arman to look after it and give it to me the next day.
THHHEEEN, in the morning I woke up hungover as fuuck, and felt kinda ill, but I was fine, I got out of bed like 10am o_o I know D: had breckfast and pretty much played minecraft most of the day, I was trying to get hold of Arman to come give me my camera but i found out later on (around 4pm) that he was sleeping (I woke him up -_-) So I ended up catching a bus up to St Melons around 5.30pm and just chilling with Arman for a while, we watched Public Enemy which was really awesome and just chilled, then at around 10.30pm we went to the bus stop so I could catch a bus home aaaaaaaand they weren't running.... so I called up my dad and got him to pick me up outside Aggies (yes aggie I was outside your house, I would of knocked but I didn't know if you were home and it was late :D) then we went home and here I am. Here are some photos:

Kaiya and Agnese

Reem, Kaiya and Agnese, and Armans hand


Rob, Agnese, Me, Reem and Lloyd

Rob, Arman, Arran and Lloyd

Arman, Rob and Arran

Lloyd, Arman and Rob

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