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Hellllloooo, so I have more photos to show you because I went out yesterday with some peeps and I have photos. But I shall talk about Christmas Day and Boxing Day alswell, that was also and aswell pushed together. Okelydoke.
So Christmas day was chilling I wasn't really fussed, my brother made me come downstairs at 7am to get my presents, and my dad tried to make it exciting or some shit, and I was like dad I'm 17 gimme my presents and let me sleep. So I got... some tights, money, topshop gift card, a dvd and a pencil... which is fine I didn't ask for anything so I was happy. So then I went back to sleep and then we had some aaaamaazing Christmas dinner and omg it was so good then, I can't remember the rest of the day ^_^
So then Boxing Day me and my brother went shopping with our Christmas money, and I bought 2 tops and a bag, and Peter bought a hoodie, halo top and halo wallet :') then we had some lunch and went home, then I went back into town with Rose and just ate some more and chilled, then she had to work so I left and went to see Ella for a while, then I went home and slept :)
So then yesterday I met up with Agnese around 12 and we did some more shopping and I bought a beanie :D and we tried on some clothes and what not, then we went to the library and did a very small amount of photography for the duration of 2 hours, then I went home, and she went to buy something to wear for going out in the evening. So once I got home I just got ready, straightened my hair had some food etc etc. Then at around 7.30pm I went over Rose's and we just chilled and then I went to meet Agnese and went back to mine briefly and then went to buy some Brandy (oh lordies), then we went back to Rose's, drank a bit tee hee and stayed till like 10.30pm, we had to wait for her mum to come home. So then we went to City Road and caught a taxi into town, met up with Kaiya and Reem from Sunday. So then we headed to a bar called Ten Feet Tall, but they had bouncers in the front, so we went to Kaiya's uncles bar which was across the road and had some cider then he went to talk to the bouncers at Ten Feet Tall to let us in, so they let us in and we just danced loads and hanged and chilled and took Zamb-something or other and what not. Then Reem had to head home and said we could go back to hers so we headed out and stopped off at MacDonalds and I had some lurrrvly fries, then we went to find a taxi, and I decided to go home because it was like 1.30am and I didn't want to push it with my mum, so I said good bye to them and got a taxi home and just slept hah :D So yeah!! Today I need to wash my hair and all that shiz and then I'll go over Josh's in the afternoon :) Coolio, New Years Eve we're going over Kaiyas for driiinks and chilling :D fun fun fun so I shall speak to soon I am sure. Now for pictures ^_^ There are also video clips, but I want to make that into one long video before I post it, which'll take like an afternoon or something, so that'll come when I feel like it :')

taking a break from shopping

trying on clothes yesterday


trying to get ahold of Rose

Rose being a teacher

rose being slightly sexy

rose being super duper sexy

hello agnese

Kaiya, Agnese and Reem

and Rose there

and me there

and all of us there


dancing and clinking


dance time

oh my

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