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Felt Like Talking

Awr so these last two days have been really nice so I thought I would share them with you :3 and with myself... when I read this again.... yah... lmao
So Friday I spent aaaaaall morning getting ready because thats just what I do, Friday is like my me day, I spend it doing my hair nails shopping etc etc. So I got ready then went to meet Ella in the hairdressers. Then some friends of hers came in and once we were finished we were gunna do some shopping but it was already like 2pm and they needed to start doing some English revision, so we went to find a Uni library, but all the ones in town were closed, so we ended up by Lidl (like the one in Cathays) and they were saying that they wanted to go check if the City Road library was open, so I was like meh I'm not gunna walk to city road when I am so close to Josh's. So I said goodbye to them and headed to his. I ended up getting on a bus for only 2 stops because I was so lazy to walk :') but I had my college bus pass so it was cooool. Then I got to his and I can't really really remember what we did, oooh yeah we went downstairs for a while to try and watch the new Batman movie BECAUSE I STILL HAVEN'T SEEN IT >;c so yeah but then there was something wrong with the TV speakers and they were making a horrible vibrating noise and it was so unbearable so we went back upstairs and just watched TV and we fell asleep like half 9 or tenish D; but I actually slept really well which was awesome :3 and then in the morning Josh woke up at like 6ish and of course I did too cos I'm like on alert mode all the time so if someone moves I'm just like awake straight away. So then he got up cos he was going to do Christmas shopping with his sister, so they left at like 8.30am :O I know so early and then I went back to sleep and woke up like 11 or something like that and then I just made the bed and went on the PC for a bit, and then he came home like 11.30 and I helped them wrap presents and then at around 3.30pm me and Josh's sister went to get our nails done ^_^ it was fun, but I wanted ombre nails and they wouldn't do it for me :c and then I went back to Josh's and left like 6pm, and then I bought like a 7inch baguette from tescos, maybe it was bigger I just guess inches lmao. Yeah and then I ate it all the way home, well I had finished it by the time I got to Lidl's.... And then I went home had fish and chips and made a castle on Minecraft. 
So this was a very random post... I just felt like writing, I'm probably going to sleep right now....

found an army type coat thing that everyones been hyping about for the last six months, this one is like 3 years old :') 

meh nails, i can't stop touching the diamante :3 idek if thats how you spell them 

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  1. Loving this post! You should write ones like these more often <3


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