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Oh Ok!

Realised I can upload pictures again so here is a hugeeee update, I don't even know what dates some of these photos are taken, all since my last post ovo, but in the wrong order in some parts :) 

dark hair?!?!

this was from this Wednesday :D

ok so the next few are images from a photoshoot I did this wednesday with the beautiful Ella

I look ghastly

love the lighting here

Rose getting ready for work when I was dying my hair over hers, this was like 2/3 weeks ago

before my hair was dyed, at Topshop w/Rose

winter wonderland so pretty

dying my hair for a second time with Ella

hair colour

i just liked this image.... also you can see my new bed layout :')

was getting ready to go out

sun peaking through

liked the colour

i look like a shawty

Top Shop event, bought this jumper, its amaaazing

This is how I looked for the event

scary doll in the Tim Walker exhibition in London, this Thursday 

Me and Aggie in London 

Sneaaaky ;o William Klein exhibition

super super super awesome tower part of the Tate Modern, it looks medieval or part of some fortress o_O

Outside Tate Modern


me this Friday rawr
So yeaaaaaah thats the update, this week has been pretty hectic! Photoshoot wednesday, London thursday - was apsolutely amazing btw, Friday was late to college cos 3 buses just decided not to turn up, and then I went over Josh's afterwards. Got home today like 11.30am (super early :O) and I've just been revising, gunna have dinner now, and then tomorrow I have another 4 topics to revise. So yeah just focusing damn hard on revision so I  can get it done before the holidays and start doing past papers. I really want to get a polaroid camera, they are so awesome, or I think I might try out my SLR camera again, but its so oooold. Yah. After next week is the christmas holidaaays, I think ima just be so glad to have a break from heading to college. I can just chill and make sure I revise.
Really not fussed about Christmas this year. Like seriously my family don't even celebrate it. Theres no point. Its not like I'm a kid anymore theres no magic to it. It bugs me how big of a deal Christmas is, but thats just me being an old grumpy man. So ima leave you now. I'll try post soon, now that I know I can post pictures again yay! Lav yalllll, peaaace :3

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