Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Oooooh hello ;D 
I just thought I would take some photos for you guys >.> <.< You know just to prove I am still alive ^_^ 

Yay. :| 
So I am sure you are all wondering what has been going on with me.
To be honest... not a lot. I haven't been going out really.
I am sure I'll have something to say soooon :3 
Speal soon <3 

Friday, 20 January 2012


OMG you guys I am sorry I have completely detached myself from going on the computer!
You have no idea how much I need to focus on my studies right now, its mad. I have literally hidden my laptop in my cupboard, and the only reason I am on it now is because it's Friday ^_^ But yeah, I am so sorry I haven't been writing etc. Nothing much has happened recently that I can talk about D: Just studying. A lot.... :( Sorry I'll post every now and then if I have some new photos or w/e...

Thursday, 12 January 2012

You Ever Taste Purple Rain?

Ima just start putting up random pictures ok. hi.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Get Down Girl

Raz, someone is bored :'(

BTW, ima chuck it in here again http://theneverendingsummerdays.tumblr.com/ check it out kay <3

Look At What We Have Here

Check ma nails :O
Bought a new nail polish and 2 new lip paints :D 

Both by Rimmel London, below :)

Sorry I haven't spoken in a while...
Life is good :3
Need to be working so much lately, so that's why I haven't really been writing :D

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Twas bored yesterday :3

Don't I just look delightful 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


300 posts
from 20th July 2010
So much love guys 

Ara's 17th Birthday

Hi guys, I am afraid to say still no new years photos! But on of my friends should be uploading some soon fingers crossed. But in this post I am going to just tell you about one of my friends birthdays I went to :3 And there are just a few photos to share with you. Ok so on Monday it was my friends (Ara) 17th Birthday. So at around 2 we met up by Cardiff Castle, but omg I had to walk to town in heels -.- it was ok tho. Then we walked to Red Hot Restaurant (I've told you about it before) and then some more people started arriving while we were eating, omg I ate so much! Like 4 plates :B Then the boys started making such a mess! It was so hillarious, look what they did to the cups:

The only way the waiters are going to move those is by getting the water everywhere!
OMG it was so bad, but so funny at the same time. It's good to be young :')
So yeah then once we had finished eating we left and slowely made our way to a pub on City Road, called The Roath or something. We got there around 4 and just chilled, bought some drinks, that kind of stuff! I drank Blackcurrent and Cider, i think o.O yeah but I tried like everyones drinks lmao. Then I had a game of pool with a friend while everyone else headed off home (this was around 7.30) and then some went shisha. Once we finished the game we headed to shisha and just stayed there till around 8.56, and then it was me, Arman, Lloyd and Josh left, so they all left when I needed to and walked me home and I got home before 9 ^_^ Here's some piccy's
Left bottom corner - Me, Centre - Josh, Top right - Abbie

Jessica and Me

Top - Me, Left - Abbie, Centre - Arman

Heads from the top, Abbie, Arman on the right and then me in the corner
So I am back to college now (school w.e) The weather is so shit in Cardiff at the moment I am just trying to avoid going outside as much as possible! Yeaaaah nothing much is happening coming up, might be going pub again Saturday fuur the sake of it :3 
Underaged brap. 
So yeah I hope you are all well and omg I hope you had a good New Years and Christmas! Love you all, btw I AM NEARLY ON 10,000 VIEWS. Thanks guys I appriciate it <3 

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years Eve + Day

Happy New Year everybody!
So this post I shall just tell you what went down with my New Years "outing" or however you would like to call it. Then when people begin to upload pictures (I hope they will), then I'll just do a post only on that.
So yesterday (new years eve) I left my house around 8PM and met up with Ella, Pardis and Dina and some boys, we then headed to Shisha Lounge - A shisha bar - and just sat down and waited for everyone else to arrive. So many people I knew came! The main ones were Samiya, Summayya, Nimo, Maddie, Alicia + like a load more boys that would be so much effort to name them all. So yeah and I bought a shisha pipe, and we stayed till around 10.30PM and then me, Ella, Pardis and Dina and the boys who were with us in the first place left and headed up to town, we grabbed like a hell of a lot of food from MacDonalds and then walked to the Winter Wonderland by the City Hall, then we just walked around a bit and found the main stage and just stood there listened to music, the girls danced with a bunch of Philippians, it was so mad >_< then there was the countdown and then there were fireworks and everyone was like yayayayayay lol. Then Dina left and so did Pardis and Ella so I met up with Summayya and Samiya, while they were waiting for some girl, but then she took forever so me and Summayya went and met up with some other people at like the top of a car park, it was so cool o.o But yeah and then after a while we left and headed to city road and went to Sultans Shisha place around 1AM and then me, Summayya and Maddie did thirds on a shisha pipe, and then around 2.40AM I had to leave so I called up a friend to keep me company on the phone, because I was scared and I said bye to everyone and then walked home and there were scary drunk and high men D: But I was fine lmao, and then I got home and stayed on the phone and then I was just lying in bed on the phone and we were trying not to fall asleep, but then eventually he fell asleep still on the phone so I just fell asleep on the phone and we didn't hang up or anything, and then at some time around 4AM my phone went on my voice mail so I hung up and fell asleep again and then apparently I called Ella at 5AM which I have no recollection of doing o.o lololol. So yeah it was all good fun ^_^ BYE X

Oh! Btw, I ended up wearing this outfit:

It was so casual, but I literally couldn't be bothered dressing up loads, and the heels played that part anyways ;D 
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