Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pancake Day

Yeah I know it was yesterday, but mine was totally awesome sooo....
Basically after school me, Ara, Liam, Jess and Masolo went down Josh's after buying flour and eggs and milk and nutella and ice cream and syrup and bacon and all that, and made shit loads of pancakes. :3 And then Masolo and Josh made like 20 pancakes and then we ate them all... And then made bacon after lawl. It was gooooood :3 So scrummy.



Got new skullcandy lowriders :3
Well technically they're my brothers.... for now ¬_¬ 
*evil laugh*

Might be going to see Jay Z and Kanye West in June 
oh my god yes.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Me and Meh Cat

she loves me so much ^_^

Saturday, 18 February 2012

TGI Fridays w/Ella

So yesterday I met up with Ella at around 5pm and we headed into town to eat at TGI Fridays, while we were waiting for a table to come we went to La Senza cos they were having a massive sale! This is the kind of craziness I saved up.
I bought:
Wishful Strapless Bra - £22.00
Wishful Strapless Thong x2 - £16.00
Wishful Lace Thong - £8.00
V Front Lace Brazillian x2 - £16.00
Total = £62 
But cos of the sale I only paid. Are you ready for this....
15 mother fucking pounds.
That sir is what I call a BARGIN, the reason their having a sale is because they've gone bankrupt tho :'( So no more La Senza (sigh)
So yeah aaanyways, so then we headed to TGI's and bought some boom burgers, omg they were so god damn big! We were like sooo stuffed after them. Then at like 8.30pm we headed to city road and went to a shisha place called Shisha Lounge. Stayed their for a while but tbh shisha is pretty shit now, especially once you smoke weed. :3 So we left around 10 and I was like fuck this texted a friend and asked if I could go chill over his, he said yes so I said bye to the girls who were heading home, caught a bus up and crashed at his. And I have just got home. ^_^ Bleh, gunna attempt to do some work tomorrow because Monday I have school again :'( Omg, I am officially incredibly behind on all my school work. I DON'T WANT TO BE IN SCHOOL AT ALL, D: hmm we'll see what happens I suppose. But for now take care guys X

Me and Ella <3 

Friday, 17 February 2012

There Not Going To Stop

Ok ok I have done ma make up and is ready to skedaddle...


Walk This World Together

Morning fuckers.
Just getting ready to go out with the gurlies :| 

OMG look look no makeup.

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Hi. I look like a man atm
Well technically my brothers, but mine now ^_^

Duff's House Party

So on Wednesday me and Rose met up with Jess and got a lift with Ieuan to Duff's house party somewhere in Radyr o_o Was pretty awesome. Made some lush drink with Orange juice and vodka, got me pretty drunk too :D :D So yeah smoked lotsa weed and yeah. Lot's of people were sick :| But yeah, at around 2ish people started leaving and me and Rose and Josh crashed in some bed upstairs... but there was like loads of people who stayed up all through the morning, like not sleeping at all and playing dubstep -.- fgusbfauj I don't even know how I slept at all. Then we left the house around.... 8ish and took a bus back to Cardiff, went to McDonalds bought like bacon sandwichs and mac muffins and coffee and shit, and just collapsed and stayed there for about an hour getting over the bloody hang over LMAO. Then we went back to Rose's and I like just got home, gunna shower and then make some facking bacon. :3 Here tis photos:

Josh and Meh

Me, Josh, Jess, Duff + Rose

Me and Fizz

This is where we were. 

Rose, Jess and Meh


Tripping Tree

Uh-oh, drunk meh

Me, Jess, Duff, Josh + Rose

Meh and Rose




Drunk meh again...

Loving lyfe

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