Sunday, 25 March 2012

hi 20 degrees


So yeah i went over Ella's then we went to town around 3 shopped around ate at Eddie's Diner, then went back to mine as you can see above. Then we went back out around 7 to the cinema and watched DA HUNGER GAMES then I walked Ella home and now I am awake, and waiting for someone to come over (it is 00.22 btw)

So what happened on friday huh.
Lemme see what I remember. 
So after school me and rose went over Josh;s then went to Rowans and met up with him and ara and liam and his brother then we walked to the rec and sat down and met a few other people then me and rose drank the rest of the vodka LOOK WHAT WE DID TO IT AHHH 

Then we drank it and got slightly tipsy off that much ^ Oh shame on us. Then me rose and josh went back to my house and then we went to Rose's then we met the rest of the people in shisha then we left shisha and went back to rose's stayed for a while. then we went to take rose to the train station then we waited for ages for the train then me ara and josh walked back my way. then josh went home then i walked ara to lloyds house then i went home. good night.

Friday, 23 March 2012

So yeah.

Today in which I cbf explaining so I shall tomorrow... probably...

New playsuit from Urban Outfitters

Wa I wore today

Josh and a slightly drunk rose. 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Little Bitch

Bored bored bored

There's loads today cos I like them all.
Gosh guys you should know I'm a vain little bitch by now ;D
So yeah... its nice weather and I am at home
The first 2 photos I took this morning... So yeah. Tempted to sit on my roof... Hmmmm
Or watch 90210
Or give a shit about school...
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