Friday, 27 July 2012

Beach Time

Photos from da beach yesterday, and one from the meal last wednesday dat I really like :)

so many people 

herher i love dis

from da meal



Sunday, 22 July 2012


Okkk so I haven't actually showed you any photos of me being out and about. Sooooo here are some photos of me from the Photoshoot I did with Agnese like ages ago:

Then next me and Rose went TopShop like 2 weeks ago or 3 I forget:

And theeeen last Wednesday I went for a meal with Ella and we took some photos in the Apple Store:

Then onn Friday I think it was.... yeah I met up with Rose aroound 9pm in Cogan (NOT PENARTH AS I FOUND OUT TAKING THE WRONG TRAIN) and then we walked through Cardiff Bay had a spliff then met up with Alex and his friends then went to some park and got hiiiiigh:

Then I slept over Rose's and around 2pm we went to town and handed out CVs then gave up and chilled in Bute Park till 7.15pm:

So that has been all I've been doing. I also went paintballing for Alex's birthday, met up with Josh a few times and went long boarding like twice. Yay. I am now going to the beach with my mum and dad and my dog :) Good bye.
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