Saturday, 25 August 2012

Lil Shopping Spree

Hello Hello, ok so today I decided on doing some shopping, not clothes this time (crycry) just like hair stuff and skin stuff and stuff along those lines. Town was so packed today :'( omg it was ridiculous. But yeah anyways.... Here is me, and lets begin:

here is me tada

Wanna try and see if this actually works cos it had quite good reviews
I needed a face wash and this is two in one so witwat

love these, can't do without them

since i have straighteners now I don't wanna push my hair to the limit since i already blow dry it, and this is meant to be pretty good

Da straighteners, there amazing, my hair hasn't frizzed up yet which is a shock
 Body Shop:

ran out of shower gel and apparently lemon is good for the skin or something

needed some body lotion and this one smells fiiine mhm

its called Rainy Day and i am in love
So yeah that is all. Bye! 

Friday, 24 August 2012

Enrollment √ (Tick)

So today I had my enrollment in Cardiff and Vale College it went really well and I have my timetable and everything and I know my form tutor and also I sorted out my bus pass, ah I felt so organised! So yeah once  I finished that I went home and grabbed some money and went to go buy some Remington straighteners from Boots, so I finally finally have some straighteners! YAY! Tomorrow I'll hopefully have around £30 and I need to go buy some face wash and spot cream and heat protector, cos for one thing I need to start looking after my skin more and I also need to make sure my hair doesn't get to damaged.... I also need to dye my hair again soon dammit. Oh yeah and I also need to whiten my teeth somehow... You know how toothpaste or chewing gum say that they help bring your teeth back to their natural whiteness, I seriously think my teeth have just never been white... Cos they just stay this weird kind of borderline (not gross) pale yellow colour and it really frustrates me, but yeah I need to try and whiten them somehow. And I need to also find a job, sheesh don't get me started on all the things I need to do. OMG i need to buy college stuff aswell :'( damn I'll try and keep some money for that but I don't know what I need really... Ah well right, so yeah here is me from today :3 I'm starting to get the hang of my camera ^_^ Makes me happy....

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Yesterday was a busy day pheewy. I washed my hair in the morning (which takes forever - roughly 2 hours if you include blow drying -) Then I left my house around 1pm and I had to go to the post office and get some ID photos done, for enrollment day so I could get a bus pass, then I headed over Josh's and basically just watched TV all day, he decided to go meet some friends at one point so I stayed at his and watched the second Batman movie, I would say the name but I usually get the names muddled up cos they all sound the same, I think it was called The Dark Knight, anyways the one with the Joker w/e. It is sooooo good. OMG I could not get over how good it was, The Joker is brilliant fgudigjsk So yeah then he came home and we watched Beaver Falls and then at 11.45pm I walked home... in sandals. Yaay and I got home like 12.10am. woop wopp ok bye.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Results Day

Ait so today was results day for my AS's that I took this year. I got UUU :| Yay. And Rose got DDE which even though she thinks she could of done better I am very proud of her :B cheesy moment... So yeah today we went to school and got our results and then we went back to hers drank a bit (some gross tequila beer that tasted and smelt like washing up liquid) then we went to Milgi's and ate some brownie and had some crazy strong coffee.. and now I am home and will hopefully be going out again in a bit :D So yeaaah here are so snappers.

celebratory sub (lol)

straightened my hair go me

drink drink drink

mmmmm Milgi's < 3 

Gigi wear the glasses

da love

master Rose

Rose's 17th

gfjskfcgjlxz I'm sorry I'm delaying on the Rose's birthday photos. Here they are maaanz

Sunday, 12 August 2012

West Wales 2012

Ok so now is as good as time as any to show you my west wales holiday. So we left Saturday 4th August and on the first day we just traveled and had a few walks, that kind of stuff.

naw skippy

Fucking hell these photos are taking forever to upload -_-
Anyways so then yeah I cbf explaining everyday individually cos like, I did almost the same thing everyday.
On Thursday I took a coach home on my own. So yeah, here are the rest of the photos...

New Quay

Butterfly Centre

Aber- something or other

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