Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Barry Shoot Fun

So I did a photoshoot with Rose today in Barry Island, and we ended up taking something around 340 photos :'( I am so tired right now. I won't upload any of the proper shoot ones, because I'd much rather show you them once they're edited etc, so I'll just show you the lil random ones from throughout the shoot that we took :)

i made her sit on a wet seat :B

she was laughing at a dogs bark :')

the squirrels were being really scary

it was just waiting for us to be close enough to pounce on


pretty view

mmmm icecream

so hungry


i was pointing at something


she was waving me goodbye from outside :B
I can't wait to show you the proper photoshoot pictures :D I should have them up sometime early next week once I edit them on Monday :) I may even have another photoshoot by then to upload as well! Yay! Till then, peaace xx

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


So I haven't posted in a while! The video above is from a photoshoot with Rose and Agnese that I tagged along to, which was on Thursday afternoon. Then on Sunday I did a photoshoot with Ella in Cefn Onn, but :C Half the photos deleted themselves because the SD card wasn't formatted. So I managed to restore someone them by downloading countless software onto my computer, and now the SD card is in Jessops and i'm going to see if they can get the rest of the photos. Such a piss take tho! Atleast I got some of them back and managed to show them to my photography teacher today :D And I edited them and I will show them to you know. And then Friday I should hopefully be going to Barry Island with Rose to do another photoshoot and I want to explore the Pleasure Park and take loads of awesome pics YAY! :B so yeah... and then its half term and ima just focus on catching up with all class work and make sure I understand everything... So yeah here and some photos from Thursday and the ones I edited from Sunday :)

pretty sky

le model


eating macdonalds like models should... even though we're not models (i just like to pretend we are)

photoshoot with Ella

YAY Bye! I should post around next week with the barry photoshoot photos <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Sunday, 14 October 2012


So hi, it is Sunday and here are some photos of myself from Friday, because I only just got home today. I felt like wearing red lipstick for once in a blue moon because yeah, I also wore my new/old earrings for the first time, new because I haven't worn them before and old because I bought them in May, I just haven't worn different earrings till Friday. So yah. Also after Chemistry Friday I bought a new hoodie from TopShop and a vest top, I was going to buy 2 but they wouldn't accept my Student ID because it was my last year one and I don't have a new one at the moment :c So I had to spend £28 on 2 things instead of £26 on 3 things, so annoying right? But I'm not that fussed because I still got what I wantedish, I just know I should of bought earrings instead, but I'll buy like a pack of 6 from UO next weekend :) Just so I have some diversity... So yeah I'm babbling now, here and some pictures...

Thursday, 11 October 2012


Hi guys. So nothing much has happened.... my photography class was cancelled this morning :c so like I was really disorganized the whole day and now I feel pretty shit and I just want to go play Halo and regret it later... But yeah I have accumulated some photos of myself from over the week, and I also learnt how to do a fishtail plait, well actually I taught myself so yeah. Apart from that nothing much has happened. The weather is so shit at the moment, like dafuq. So yeah pictures...

fishtail woo

Monday, 8 October 2012

Bay Finals

So here are the final photos that I edited up from the Bay photoshoot!

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