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2013 Baba

Alright, might as well make this New Years post before I forget.
So New Years Eve, Monday... I went over Agneses at around 4pm and got a skirt off her that I could borrow, then I got home like 5.30pm started getting ready. Then 6.40pm I left to get to Queen Street Train Station, got on a 7.20pm train to Cogan, got off, called a taxi got at Kaiya's just before 8pm. Then partaayed. One of the guys, I think his name was Theo was throwing up like 10 mins after I arrived bless :') first I drank some Rose wine, then I had a can of strongbow. I also had some amazing pot noodles :O Actually smoked loads too, and lost my big pack of tobacco :c Me and Kai made a rolly and had to light it with the stove then run to her backgarden and smoke it! We just ended up doing drags :3 Had another strongbow a bit later when Reem and her sister Ruba arrived, but I didn't drink much of it. Theo woke up around 11pm and we proceeded in playing drinking games, since we didn't have shot glasses we each had a drink each (Theo didn't drink) I had vodka :') then Kai had whisky I think, and then Reem and Ruba had wine or champagne or something, we played Simon Says and then Never Have I Ever and I must of done a total of like 8/10 vodka swigs, SWIGS not even shots... So yeah then it turned midnight and we were all like wooooh and then like all kissed and then Josh called me and it was like just as the vodka was hitting me, omg our conversation was so funny. I went outside first and just talked about sturf and then I went to the bathroom and talked there till someone needed it, then i went to the kitchen, then I went back outside and then I went to the bathroom and then kitchen and then sat in the living room, and I wouldn't let him hang up omg, I was like oh bye bye bye bye, don't hang up bye bye bye don't hang up ok bye bye bye bye ok you can hang up now, because I won't :'( lmao oh lawd. Then Reem and her sister had to leave like half 1am  Then like around 1am tons more people arrived, I didn't actually drink anything else the whole night since the vodka, and then I just proceeded to dance, smoke and sit around talk to people, I knew no one apart from Kai there, but i didn't actually hang with her lots, only like when people first arrived and then when we were dancing and then on and off after, fair play it was such a good night. We went to bed like around 7am... Then we woke up like 9.30am everyone left by 10am and then me and Kai cleaned up the house a bit and then I got a lift with her off her mum to the train station at 10.30am, a train arrived like straight away and then I got a subway which wasn't that nice :c but sort of cured my hangover so meh, and then got home like 11.30am. Slept till 2pm then did nothing..... YAY. It was super fun. So ima put up some photos and go play on xbox kay byeeeee.


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