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Aye I'm posting again, I've been doing posts so much recently! To be fair I have been pretty busy :3 So ima start with Friday.
Friday morning I spent getting ready for college + painting my nails (I'll post a pic below) then I went and had a very boring chemistry lesson, which I was in a shitty mood for most of, not really sure why, just people in my class were bugging me and I didn't want to be there lmao. Then I went home and just chilled and slowly got ready. Then at 8pm I went to go meet Rose and we bought some alcohol for the night, then we headed to hers and she got ready. Then at around 9pm Haiyen came over and then eventually at 9.45pm we caught a taxi into town. We went to Clwb Ifor Bach for the Aperture night and I frigging loved it. Like aaaah it was so good. Just the whole vibe and atmosphere (those words probably mean the same thing but w.e) Everyone was just in there own world just there to enjoy themselves, and I loved that. I just wanted to dance all night and just enjoy the music as much as possible. I felt everytime I left the room I was missing out on some awesome beat or drop that wouldn't happen again. I didn't even care that I was wearing heels and my feet were eventually going to kill. I didn't even care if I got drunk or not. Mhhhh. Lmao getting carried away. I can't wait to go again though! I have hardly any photos from the night though :c. We had to drop our bags off and sometimes having a big SLR round your neck all the time is just so much effort. But Rose and Haiyen took *toilet photos* on their iPhones which I'm just waiting patiently for them to upload (and then I'll put them on here) and there is one cringe-worthy photo of us three, I just hate how I look aha! But yeah. 
So then at around 2.45am we left and briefly stopped at McDonalds - which btw has some weird ass new system! - Then we jumped in a taxi. Rose and Haiyen got off on City Road and then I went up to Josh's, when I got in and collapsed on his bed lmao. The next day I managed to wake up around 11am without a hangover, and then I just stayed in bed till like 1pm, wait no I think I spent like all day in bed because I didn't go on the laptop.... But yeah, we watched Rise of the Guardians, which was cute I can't really remember if I liked it or not, but I think I liked it quite a bit. So then at around 7pm Josh went on the xbox and I was left to watch and then try to fall asleep. I think I did around 12am but it wasn't till 3am that I told him to get off the xbox lmao. Terrible. Yeah then I tried sleeping, but felt really queezy, and ended up throwing up twice :\ and falling asleep chewing gum. I had a pretty good sleep to be fair and woke up around 11am because I had told my mum I was coming home around midday. I ended up going home at 2pm -_- and then at 3.10pm I went over Agnese's to do a photoshoot, I KNOW WE'RE DOING SO MANY PHOTOSHOOTS, THERES LIKE ANOTHER 2 HAPPENING THIS WEEK (but I'm neither photography or model - I'm filming!! :D -) So yeah we did a photoshoot and then we watched a movie called The Cat Returns - a Studio Ghibli film that I brought over. Agnese was like telling me on the phone A film with Cats, and it has a lot of cats lmao. But she really liked the movie which made me happy. :3 So yeah then I left at 7pm and came home and now its 11.30pm and I've been wasting so much time its crazy. I've also write way too much yet again.... Ok Bye. lmao.....

my nails
my nails next to the playsuit I wore (I based my nails on the playsuit if you can't tell :B)
The Cat Returns 
an old photo of me and Ella that I really like but never got round to upload
I hate this photo with all my life :'( But I might as well upload it. It looks like I'm wearing no makeup at all and I can't smile to fucking save my life. Jeeze Louise. 

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