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Morgans Birthday

Ok I really hope this blog post doesn't mess up because ima be writing loads! Ok so what has been happening with meh. 
Well my birthday is in 2 days! 18 baby :B Urm... I got my exam results last week. I got.... a U and an E -_- fguesoihskihfeshfi FRUSTRATION BEYOND BELIEF. I tried so hard. SO HARD. I thought the worst I would get was a D :c so pissed. I was really upset most of Thursday and Friday. Omg ahah ima post a photo of what I looked like cos I cried too much. Lol idec. I like cried all Thursday night and in the morning my eyelids were super swollen and I was freaking the crap out D: But it died down before I went to college (phew) So yeah. I'm just sort of rethinking things now. I have actually had a bit of a eureka moment but I'll get to that later. So yeah I've been put in for the June resits for Chemistry so I'll probably just take the exam and see what happens. I'm going to finish this year. Hopefully get a good enough grade to continue with photography and hopefully atleast a D in the sciences, but thats being very optimistic :\ So after my results on Saturday I went out with Kaiya and Agnese for Kaiya's friend Morgans birthday. I don't really know how safe this blog is (like its pretty accessible) but anyway Kai and Agnese came over my house to get ready like around 7/8ish and we had some stuffff and headed to Morgans house where we met up with everyone else. Then we pretty much straight away left to head into town and tried to get into a few bars, but because me and Agnese had no idea we couldn't get into anywhere :c Felt so bad, so after walking around town for about 2 hours we headed back to Morgans and hanged around a bit, I didn't mind walking around town because it gave me a chance to get to know everyone. Back at Morgans I realised that I had actually met one of the guys there before, his name was Dylan and in the summer he had come up me and Rose in Bute Park and had started chatting to us, and Morgan, Fin and Shaun (more people I got to know) where there too. Which is like so fricking insane, like how weird is that!! Cardiff is such a crazy small place its insane. So yeah I was like ermagerd xD so we stayed at Morgans for like an hour and a half round about, did some more stuuuff took some photos and videos which I shall upload, dunno if I'll be able to upload the videos though because I've had some trouble in the past, but I'll try. So then we headed over to this really awesome place, it was like some underground bar (is that what you call it? Idk) and then I just got super bubbly and pretty much spent the whole night talking to random people and asking them about their lives, I think I enjoyed it because I love thinking how no one ever has the same life, everyone has a different story to tell, and I just wanted to hear them all xD It was brilliant! So yeah it was so much fun :') Then at around 8am we left the place and headed back to Morgans where we conked out till about 2pm! Then I ended up leaving around 7pm. I had so much fun though, everyone was so cool and so much fun and so nice!! It was insane. One of the guys that I met (Fin) let me borrow his beanie oh gawd I love it, it keeps my ears so warm. But I feel mean cos he got it from India so I'll give it back after I've worn it as much as possible xD 
So yeah that was a pretty awesome night. So then Monday I had a trip to the Big Pitt with college, it was so cold :'( and I got really car sick in the coach on the way but I managed to survive D: The trip was alright but the best part was some peng hot chocolate I had at the end and then I fell asleep in the coach home, it was glorious. So yah :') Then today I had my photography exam which was basically 5 hours of classwork. It was pretty fun, I didn't feel like I had nothing to do at all, it actually went really fast. I edited some photos printed out some stuff for my work book. Didn't put anything in my book because I forgot materials :') So yah, Agnese was in too so we just chilled. Yeye.
This week is gunna be pretty jam packed. Tomorrow I have a full day... thats it, Thursday I don't have photography in the morning so I'm just bunking off because it's my birthday. Gunna go over Josh's hopefully unless his sleeping plan is messed up in which case I'll go over anyways and sleep :') Friday is normal college then in the after college I think I'm heading up to Porth Cawl with Kai Agnese and Morgan because theres meant to be some pretty sweet waves, so ima basically go catch a cold, but it should be pretty sweet and I really hope it happens, the seas gunna be freezing tho! Might try bring my bodyboard xB herpderp. Then on Saturday I'm hoping to go for a meal with Ella in the evening for my birthday and also because I haven't seen her in ridiculously long. Then Sunday I am going over Agneses to do some photography (taking photos and modelling) FRICKING JAM PACKED WEEK OH MY DAYS. I hope it all goes to plan. For my birthday ima go to Aperture on the 22nd with the girls, its should be errrmaazzing. Now that I have bored you all (because I tend to write way more than I should) here is photos from Saturday and also the photoshoot + edits I did with Agnese. Ok peace ooout :D

From the Left, oh crap I can't spell this name two secs xD
Oh its Ewan, thats easy xD yeah Ewan, Agnese, Kaiya and Morgan

Dylan and Shaun

Agnese, Kaiya, Morgan and Fin

Agnese, Kai and Morgan

Me and Dylan

Me, Dylan and Shaun

Kai and Morgan

Fin and Dan 

Gemma and I can't remember that girls name, I don't she liked me that much :')

Fin and Morgan

Agnese xD

Kaiya and Agnese

People whose names I don't know :') I think the middle one is called Twm or something

Peoples whose names you know

Ewan, Morgan, Agnese, Kaiya and Fin

Dylan and Shaun jumped in

In the bar :D

Oh yeah Agnese's saucepan of joy (I told you, you posed Aggie xD)


Agnese being gorgeous 

Bedtime 4 u

Dylan and Morgans dad, I love the lighting in this 

Doing photography a few weeks back, creative mess

photoshoot with Agnese, this wasn't to do with my project just a little experimental bonus

pwahahaha this was my eyes! I was saying earlier from all the crying, imagine how freaked out I was I looked like an alien D: 

Edits I did today in photography

this and the one below are my fave :3

a scan of my pinhole photos, they're pretty shit ahah but w/e 

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