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Movie Night

Awr I haven't posted at all this week! So much to say :3
I think I'll start off by showing you more pictures from last Friday and then I'll talk about this week :D

me and rose
haiyen and me
a random pic of me and agnese from last wednesday i think
outfit pic you know
Yay, so those are the pics from Friday.
So Monday I can't remember what I did in the morning.... Oh yeah! Around midday I went into town and did some shopping, I bought some jeans from TopShop and another Playsuit from Urban Outfitters, I am so obsessed with playsuits right now, we better have a good summer so I can wear them! Yeah and then I went home, at around 4pm I went to meet Agnese and then we went to The Atrium where we spent the next 5 hours doing a photoshoot. Agnese took the photos and I hopped around and took film whenever I could. So we ended around 9pm and then I went home had dinner and slept aha. 
Tuesday I met Agnese in Milgi's around 11am for another photoshoot (with the same people) we stayed in Milgi's till about 12.30 and then we went to... I can't remember the name of it something House... But yeah it was like a fashion department and we then stayed there until 5pm doing more shoots. 
Wednesday at 11.20am I had a trial shift at Jamie's Italian for a waitress job. It was a lot of fun once I got the hang of it, I got to try squid too :D It was weird... very chewy. So yeah, my shift finished around 3pm and then I went home, had dinner around 7pm and then I took a bus up to Josh's to sleep the night. 
Thursday was a pretty boring day I think, I left Josh's around 7.30pm and then just went home, ate and slept!
Friday I went into town around 2pm to meet Ewan (agnese's boyfriend quickly) then I took a bus to Agnese's house and then I have no idea what time it was, I think it was like 4pm we went to Tesco's and met Josie there where we bought some munchies and tobacco, then we walked about rolled up and went to the park to smoke up. Back at Agnese's the first movie we watched was Howl's Moving Castle and then we ate some chicken snack things and watched Totoro, but the girls fell asleep half way through it, and I fell asleep once it finished. We then all woke up around 1.30am and decided to smoke up again and then we put on Pom Poko, which the girls also fell asleep half way through! And then I fell asleep around 4am after the movie finished. We all woke up around 10am, smoked up and burned some pictures aha it was so fun, then we had some breakfast and watched Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Then Josie had to leave around 12.30pm and I left around 2pm and went to go meet Rose in town to do some shopping with her, although I didn't buy anything! Then I went home and watched some Game of Thrones and then eventually slept. 
Today its already 1.11pm (eleven past) (not even kidding) which reminds me - the clocks have moved forward which means I've missed out on an hour of this day >:( Not good! I'm still in my bed clothes and I need to do loads today! 
  • Shower, 
  • photography, 
  • finished Season 2 of Game of Thrones because Season 3 starts TOMORROW yayayayyay
  • learn how to hold 3 plates at once
  • edit film
  • maybe I'll write in my diary because I haven't in ages
  • sort out what the hell i need to revise :c
Meh.... The weather is soooooo nice today it really feels like summer, even though its like 5 degrees... :'( So yeah, ima just chill in my room all day :) Bye X 

the films
at the park
sunny morning
watching the movie


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