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So yesterday I didn't have college, because it was a teacher training day. Agnese called me up around 11am and we met up and did some charity shopping, then at 2pm we headed down hers to do some more photoshoots with the studio lighting. We were so terrible tho, we were meant to do 3 and we ended up doing like half a photoshoot. Anyways, so we got to hers a 2, made some mushroom soup and hot chocolate because it was cold, (not the best combo btw) So then once we finished eating we went upstairs and while Agnese had a quick shower I set up the studio stuff and then we did a short photoshoot. Then at around 6 we started getting ready to go out to a College event. I don't have any photos from the event because they took our bags into some storage space and were really fussy about us getting stuff from our bags :\ But yeah we got to the event around 8.30pm and even though it started at 7.30pm there was a huge queue. But it was a good opportunity to bump into people we knew and have a chat! We got into the place at around 9.30pm and then just daanced, the music was alright it was Drum and Bass so I didn't really mind that it was quite a shit beat at times, still my scene ;D We left around 11pm and then I went home and slept almost straight away, but it felt like a kept waking up because I was thinking too much, like I would fall asleep still thinking about stuff and then like wake up thinking. Does that make sense? It was really weird, so I'm not sure if I was just dreaming I was thinking or if I just wasn't sleeping. But I wasn't annoyed that I couldn't sleep so I think I was sleeping lmao. Then today I woke up nice and early which I was pleased with because it shows that I can go out and drink (not too much) on a school night and still be on time the next day. 
Being 18 is so awesome btw, I love it, just the freedom and all that its so good! Today I went in for photography at 9, carrying the studio equipment in too. But I got told when I arrived that the lesson had been cancelled because everyone was meant to be out doing photoshoots, even though its raining today! But I managed to find out what I got for Unit 1, I got a  B- which I am super happy about, seeing as that it was my first unit. So then I came home and here I am writing a blog post to pass the time. Tonight at 5pm I have a job interview! Which I am super excited/nervous for. Its in a restaurant which is literally where I really want to work so I'm hoping I'll get it! Then tomorrow I'm going to the Welsh Club with Rose for Aperture night (DnB) so yaaay! Ok I think I've written enough, heres some photos :D 

It looked cooler in read life, but the clouds were peeking through the gloomy grey ones :)
mushroom soup and hot choco
Aggies crazy curls
what I wore out for the event, excuse my weird facial expression
boots, and aggie :')
the set up
some photos from the shoot


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