Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Ship Shape

Hi guys, so I know I just did a blog post, but today I went to Boots because I needed to buy some sturf and this is what I've got, I also remembered I did a similar post to this one a while back, so ima tell you if the products I got last time were any good :) 

Ermagerd this smells peng
only 94p too :O

Just giving this a go :) 

I ran out :c

Meant to clean all the shit in ur pores on ur nose so yh

My lips have been really dry and cracking lately D':

Ok now this is the stuff I bought last time

I think it whitened my teeth quite well, didn't really do much after a while just stayed the same. But it tastes good and doesn't taste too sugary like other toothpastes

I usually use this as the wash because I'm too lazy for the mask. But it does work really well, might bring out some spots if you haven't used it in a while, but makes my skin feel soooo soft after I use it

Mah fave! I dunno if this is the product or just my nails but I find my nails split very easily D: I hope its not the pads because these whiten my nails so well and smell so good, you gunna have to have a tap around you tho because it makes your hands sticky :')

Since this is like my first time using heat protector I don't really know how good this is. I still have split ends, even after I trimmed my hair, but my hair isn't that damaged other than that.

Deees are good yh! 

Smells losh, lasts for aaages too!

I started off using this on my face but found it really dried my face out for some reason, so now I just use it on my hands to keep them nice and.... lotioned? yh. Smells lush too

Ok now just photos that I've taken since my last post :)

perty clouds

awesome sky this morning

i love having a loft bedroom, sunsets are so awesome and i get such a sick view

me today being a top dork

18 BABY <3 div="" nbsp="">

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