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Studio Lighting!

Hi guys, its currently 10.20pm so yeah I am writing this pretty late, an hour ago I got home from doing a photoshoot over Agnese's. We had studio lighting, that took quite some time to set up, then I had to be made to look like a boy and do manly poses at a camera (it was quite fun). Before the photoshoot I went into town and did some Birthday shopping. I ended up buying a graphics tee and a romper (not the one in the photos below btw.) So yeah, I might buy the one in the photos not sure yet. I also need to go back and buy a backpack and some shoes, I'm assuming I'm going to get them from UO, maybe Topshop or New Look if everywhere else is too expensive. So I'm going to cut to the chase and show you some photos! 
Oh yeah I'm 18 too btw ^_^ It was my birthday on Thursday, I spent it at Josh's and we went to the pub with Haiyen and Lucas which was fun. I think I'm going to go out on Friday for my birthday so yay! For my birthday, well I'll show you pictures and tell you what they are :)

Cards :)
Necklace from my grandparents (the buddah) The buddah is Jade and the beads are Coral 
Flowers from mah momma and dadda
Forget-Me-Nots :)
I like the lighting in this, also the cute flowers pointed towards the sun, wat cuties
The romper (playsuit) that I want to get maybe ;o
The top I got
Hot choco yum yuuum
Setting up
My manly eyebrows 
So puuuurty
HAHA i look like a boy :B so funnah


  1. Happy belated birthday girl! All of these images are just too perfect!
    xo TJ


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