Wednesday, 10 April 2013

3 Years From Now

So I was watching How I Met Your Mother a few days ago and it was the episode with the Star Wars Trilogy and how they say everytime they watch it (every 3 years) how they think their lives will be 3 years from then. Of course it being How I Met Your Mother, it wasn't completely serious but it got me thinking... Where do I want to be 3 years from now....

I'll be 21
I finished my a-levels last year and I'm looking for work (if I don't already have a job).
 I'm living in my own place - just a small one-bedroom flat - still in Cardiff either with a friend or boyfriend. 
My life is pretty chilled, just simple. 
I just want to enjoy the company of others... 
I speak to all the people I'm close with now, I'm not one to let people drift away.
I do some volunteering work, with some Animal charity or another.
Maybe I rescued a cat or dog or something.. If my landlord allows it!
I have already traveled to some places in Europe; Italy, France, Greece, Holland...
I might go back to America for a few weeks, California I'm thinking...
And I will start planning and saving for my trip to Japan soon. I want to go when I'm around 25+
Oh and I've learnt French... somehow.

That's all I can imagine happening in my life right now. 
I don't want to get married, have kids or go to Uni anytime soon. 
Maybe uni... I'm still on the fence with that one. 
But I have time to live a bit first. 
It doesn't sound old, but it sounds so far off.

Yeah I don't have any major plans for the next few years. I just want to focus on, passing my A-levels, moving out and travelling. Maybe I'll do some travelling around Europe before I move out. This is so cheesy but thinking about all this is making me excited for the years to come. I can't wait for 2016 when I'll look at this post and hopefully be able to say I'm where I want to be, and then be able to say where I want to be in the next 3 years after that. Gee I'm excited for life. This post has put me in a weird mood and I want everything I've said above to happen now. Silly Louise. 

I don't have any photos for this post. I wasn't planning on posting any... I do have a BEFORE I DIE list on my other blog that I can show you...
Some of them are more there as experiences like "Be In A Fight" I don't actually want to be in a fight, but its an experience, and "Get Married" I don't want to get married but yeah.... Just a lil thing to show you. The smiley faces mean its already happened to me!
Sorry this is a late post, I was meant to post it yesterday but I couldn't because I was uploading stuff onto gmail and it just wasn't going to happen... I'll post soon hopefully! X

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