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A Last Minute Weekend

These past two days have been very jam-packed!
Friday I went to college at midday and had my chemistry lesson and then headed over to Josh's around 3. When I was on my way to his house, Kaiya called me asking if I would come out to Aura with all the guys. After a bit of convincing I said I would come in the evening. Once at Josh's we watched Silver Linings The Playbook. Its really good, and not at all like I expected it to be. Then at around 9.15pm I left Josh's and caught a bus into town. Once in town Kai called me saying she missed her bus into town and would catch the next train. I walked to Central Station and met up with Ruba. We talked for a bit and then Josie came to meet us because she would be coming out too! Then half an hour later Kaiya arrived and we all headed to Charlie Browns because some people were there already. 
At Charlie Browns we had a drink and danced for a bit and then after an hour or so we headed to Full Moon because we decided to go there instead of Aura. The night was really fun and I met loads of new people and had so much fun with Kaiya and Josie. I'm really sorry to say this but I didn't bring my camera D: Because it was so last minute I didn't have it on me that day, I'm super gutted because it was such a fun night and everyone was asking me if I had my camera AND I DIDN'T HAVE IT :'( I do have this one picture of me, Kai and Josie that I stole off Josie's Instagram :3 
Goddammit I wish I brought my camera with me, I'm just going to keep it on me 24/7 I don't even care. 

So then at around 3am I think I started saying good bye to people because I had to head back to Josh's. I was planning on walking all the way because it only would of taken me around 40 minutes, but then when I was saying goodbye to Morgan and Finn, Rosie and Arron came over and said they were leaving to catch a taxi, and I asked where they were going to and they said Heath!! Which is the same direction I was heading. So I asked if I could possibly jump in and get off at North Road because they were heading through there. So that was really awesome, and they were super nice about it! So I got to Josh's in a matter of 10 minutes or less. 

At Josh's we ended up just talking for a few hours about really random things, it was so cute aha and then we went to sleep at around 5am. In the morning we both managed to get up at 11am and then I just spent the afternoon on Josh's phone playing MEGAPOLIS and talking to the girls on Facebook, while he was on xbox. 

Because it was 420 and it was actually really hot outside (not really hot but a change from the winter weather) me and Josie arranged to meet up and go up to Penarth to meet Rose. So at 4.30pm I left Josh's and walked home to have a quick shower and get changed + some money. Then I met Josie in town at around 5.30pm, we then headed to Central Station to catch a bus up to Penarth where Rose met us. We then went to a park and smoked up and stayed there till it got dark. It was such a lush night though! We had so much giggles. Then at around 9.30pm me and Josie had to leave so we went to meet Alex to give us a lift back into town. We then rushed to Josie's bus stop to make sure she hadn't missed her last bus. She hadn't! So then we said goodbye and I headed home and enjoyed a nice hot chocolate and fell asleep. 

Thank fully I did bring my camera on this occasion! So here are just a few pictures from our Saturday evening...
Awesome view of Cardiff
Today I am doing a small photoshoot with Agnese for my photography project and then on Monday there is meant to be a meteor shower so I should be going to the Rec with a bunch of people to watch it, hopefully it won't be cloudy! But nevertheless I should be doing a few more posts this week! 

Till then
Louise X

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