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A Thursday Night

I never know how to start blog posts aha! If I didn't care every post would be like... "so today I did this, this and this" but I know that's not captivating and its such a boring way to start a post. I'm sure I'll figure something out as the days go by. 
Anyhow, yesterday around 7pm Kaiya came and picked me up in her car and we went back to hers for a while. We were going out for Sean's last gig with his current band, so I met up with Kai to have some pre-drinks. 
Stunning sunsets 
Then at around 8.30pm (I can only assume) Kaiya's mum gave us a lift into town where we met Ruba and Reem and Sean. We went inside for a bit and listened to another act performing, but we spent most of the time either in the toilets or outside just being cold. Eventually everyone else arrived and we went inside for Sean's gig. It was so much fun! His voice is insanely good its crazy. 

The gig finished around 10.30pm and we spent the next hour or so, just sitting outside just singing and speaking. I got to meet Fin's twin sisters which was so awesome. Whilst we were deciding what to do next Agnese appeared out of the blue, so I pretty much jumped her and we talked about what's going to be happening today (her birthday get together thing) and then eventually most of us headed to Morgans, and I said good bye to Agnese because she left to go over her boyfriends. I stayed at Morgans till about 2.30am and then I ran home aha! I literally live 5 minutes away from him, but you know when you just want to get to somewhere really quickly, I was just like what the heck and ran to my house, it was alright because no one was around. Then I got home and went to bed, and I managed to wake myself up today around 9.30am, hangover free. So yay! 

Me and the twins (Violet and Gemma)

Today I need to wash my hair and get ready and then figure out what I'm going to wear, plus how I'm meeting up with everyone. But its going to be so much fun and you can count on there being photos! But I probably won't be able to post till either Saturday evening or Sunday morning. So until then! X

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