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Agnese's 18th Birthday

What the hell happened Friday?! Well I shall tell you, from the relatively normal to the wild and craziness. I spent Friday morning washing my hair and just getting ready to get ready, if that makes sense. Around 4pm Rose called me to ask my if I could come help her dye her hair, so I went round hers at like 5pm and helped her dye her hair. Here is a before and after picture. Sorry its quite weirdly pixelated because I edited the photos on paint.
So then at 7pm I went back to my house to have a quick dinner. I then packed my bags (was already wearing what I was going to wear for the evening) and went to quickly meet Agnese to give her some money. Then I headed back to Rose's  to properly get ready. We finished getting ready roughly around 9.20pm... Well I was ready around 8.30pm Rose takes forever! 
rose being lady gaga
Me and Rose getting ready/being ready and taking photos
Then me and Rose walked into town and to the Gatekeeper, where we met Kaiya outside while the body guards were playing us for fools. It was ridiculous... Rose's passport was "not valid" and I was merely asking why a passport has to be valid to enter a pub. And he was going on about how she wouldn't be able to leave the country with it, and then accusing me of asking questions sarcastically, and I was just like what the hell! You could tell he was getting such a laugh from winding us up, it was really irritating. So eventually he let us in, after about 10 minutes of pretty much pointless banter. Once inside we met Agnese, Josie, Jamila and a few other people and sat down for a while. After about half an hour I was in the buzzed, excited mood I was waiting for and we headed outside to decide where to go next. We eventually decided to head straight into Aperture, once inside Agnese (who was still outside) realised she couldn't find her passport! So her and her boyfriend went back into Gatekeeper to see if they could find it. After about 10 minutes she called Josie to say she had found it, and we all cheered! So we headed upstairs and started getting into the dancing mood. 
Unfortunately I'm pretty sure I only got about half an hours worth of dancing, from going back and forth to the toilets (for several reasons) and going out to the smoking area. 
me and Jamila
At around 12.30am Reem called me and said her and Ruba were outside Aperture (the club isn't called Aperture btw, its called Clwb Ifor Bach, but I only go there for the Aperture night so it's easier to say!) I was so excited to see them and me and Rose rushed to the smoking area. Then for reasons I cannot think up I opened the gate that separated the smoking area from the outside street. I wasn't even discrete about it - because I didn't even expect it to open, the gate just swung open. So the girls ran in, in the spur of the moment, and I'm pretty sure I was still just standing there. So then a bodyguard came and I told her that the people ran in, of course he knew what had happened and who had run in. He grabbed both Reem and Ruba, and then grabbed me and pushed me into the street. I was so bewildered, I just stared through the gate into the smoking area while all the other girls came out and tried to convince another guy to confess it was him that opened the gate, which was a waste of time because that would of got him kicked out, and why would he do that. So then I went to the entrance for Aperture and tried to reason with the bodyguard and which point I started to cry, not dramatically, it was just random tears coming down my face and I was just sniffling. So then I went back to the gate and told Rose I was going to go straight to Josh's which cheered me up quite a bit because at least I was going to be with someone. At first no one wanted me to leave, but I think it was the best solution. Because I felt that if I wasn't in Aperture I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in town, so I might as well of just gone to his. So then I had to give some things back to the girls and take my jacket from the lockers, so all the girls came out, and I was trying to convince them that I was going to be fine, while crying and smiling. It was such a surreal experience. I was genuinely happy but I was still crying. To be fair I wasn't completely sober so that is probably why my emotions were so confused. So I asked the girls while still crying (please I really don't know why I was crying because I was fine) for some money for taxi because I only had £4 and taxi would be £6. So I said bye to everyone and gave lots of kisses and then Ruba and Reem walked me to make sure I got in a taxi and then I gave them kisses and told them not to blame themselves for me getting kicked out. I had also texted Josh while walking to the taxi's to call me, and I explained to him that I was going to his now. I stayed on the phone to him till I got to this house, even though I was talking to the taxi driver for half the time (and still crying and laughing) and then I finally got to his around 1.15am and just stayed in my own little world for a few hours till around 3.30am we went to sleep. And apparently I snore in my sleep, quite loudly.... Greaaaaaat. So that was my Friday! 
Looking back at the night I am quite upset that it happened the way it did, like my only wish is that I hadn't opened the gate. But I can't really take back what I did, I'm glad the girls stayed out and enjoyed their night and I guess I just have to wait till next Aperture to truly have a great experience. Where I am making sure I am not going to go back and forth to the smoking area, so that there is minimal chance that my mind is going to think it'll be a good idea to open it again. But that night was surely an experience I'll remember! So that's what happened for Agnese's birthday, that's also why there isn't many photos from my camera because I never really got the opportunity to get it out. 
Now tomorrow I'm back to college, I'll probably write a post tomorrow or Tuesday about something or other, but for now. Bye! X

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