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Keeping A Journal

I know for sure that writing a diary/journal isn't for everyone, and its more so something most people do when they are young. But if you are one of those people who love jotting down all the random things that happen in your life I couldn't recommend keeping a journal more. I don't think it matters what age you start, so long as you make it personal and jam packed with memories that's all that matters!

I started writing a journal properly in 2004 and I've been writing ever since. I've gone through about 3 books and slowly making my way through the 4th. I don't know how I've kept it up so well. I think its always been a way for me to keep writing. I've never been that good at writing stories, so its cool to think that you're still writing a story but it's of your life, so you always have something new to write. 

My first journal I think I took quite a while to get into because I didn't really know how to start writing. I'm still in my primary school for most of it but it also includes my first year of high school. 

I finished my second journal in under a year.. which I'm not sure how I did exactly, it probably helped that the diary had large line margins! 

I had this journal from the end of 2007 till mid 2009 (Year 8 to year 9). When I was just looking back through my journal I realized I think I like this one the most, it's so funny! Its such a typical teenagers journal. I talk about boys, arguments, school and all such silly things. It's adorable.

This journal is taking me so long to get through, mainly because I only really get round to writing in it every month or so! I've been writing in it from 2009 to present day, so it has some crazy memories in it, the most important years of high school and my years so far in college. I can confirm a hell of a lot has happened! Hopefully I'll have finished this journal by the end of 2013 and I'll finally be able to buy a new one from Paperchase.

I don't know how long I'm going to keep writing journals, ideally for the rest of my life. I know people may think its childish, but why? Why do people think that, its not that different from writing a blog or a story... Recently I've found it harder to make my journal as personal as it was when I was younger, because I'm writing in them less. I find I just update whats been happening in my life rather than talk about all the petty little things journals should include. Its a shame I'll try change that! I've only given you a snippet of each of my journals and obviously I haven't shown anything too personal because that would just be a bit weird... And that's the point of a journal on the other hand! To talk about personal things that you wouldn't otherwise be able to talk about, that you wouldn't want anyone to know. That's what I love about journals, they're just for you. I couldn't show my parents half the things that are in my journals and some parts I wouldn't even show my closest friends. But that's ok because I'm not writing for them.

So have I convinced anyone to start writing a journal? Probably not, haha! But surely people can see the appeal of it... I guess you have to have the right mindset, enough enthusiasm to start it and actually keep it up. If there are any avid journal keepers out there let  me know how long you've been writing for, I'd love to know! 
Till my next post.
Louise X

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