Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Nail Varnish

Throughout this blog there has been a variety of posts showing you the many nail designs I have done. I must admit they're nothing special but I do love spending a little time making my nails look pretty. Although I don't have the biggest nail varnish collection I do think I have a nice beginning of one. My love for nail varnishes come solely down to the colour. The variety of colours in any one brand always seems to out stand me and I seem to instantly want them all.

So I decided to round up all my nail varnishes and show you my collection and also what tools I use when doing nail designs. 
 Pictures In Order of Brand
All Varnishes
Barry M
Urban Outfitters
Rimmel London
Rainbow ^_^

Some dotting tools and products:
And now I'll throw together some nail designs I've done over the past!
Hope you enjoyed this post! I know have my nail designs are just dots, but you can get a good idea of good colour combos! Till my next post! Louise X

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