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Nando's Virgin

Today I met up with Ella around 4pm and we went into town for a meal, because we hadn't seen each other in ages and had some serious catching up to do! 
We went to Nando's, partly because I had never been before and really needed to try it. It was so good! I had what is in the picture below, because I can't eat chicken from the bone - I just don't like it! I had the medium hotness, but it was still pretty hot! And I also had chips and spicy rice as side dishes. It was really tasty though, so much flavour. I can't wait to go again! We finished eating (and talking) at around 6pm and then we headed to the cinema to catch a film. We ended up watching Trance, which is a Danny Boyle film (or that's what it always goes on about in the adverts). It comes under the genre Thriller and it was actually so good! It was so confusing at times but in a good kind of way! Gah it was just so good! My kind of movie!! I'll post the trailer at the bottom of this post. So the movie ended around 8.30pm which meant it was only 1hr and 30mins, which is pretty short, but it defiantly didn't feel short. Then we both really felt like sitting down in coffee shop for a while. Unfortunately the whole of town was dead, it was so quiet and no one was out, and all the shops were closed. So we walked down to City Road and went to a local coffee shop. It was so cozy and warm. I had a small hot chocolate and Ella had some Homus and Pita-bread. And then at around 10pm we finally headed separate ways. But overall it was a really good day. 

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