Monday, 1 April 2013

Spring Is Here?

April 1st
Spring should be here.
Although here in Wales it's still under 10 degrees.
But when I think of spring, I think of pastel colours and fresh air and clean thing.
This season scalloped shorts are coming into fashion, which I am so excited about. But then that could just be because I am obsessed with shorts.
I feel like when its spring I just want have everything clean and bright.
And also its a reminder that I should probably start filling up a summer wardrobe.
I hope the weather in Wales gets better, I hate having to wear shorts with tights and a nice tee but with a hoodie or coat on top. 
Why can't I live somewhere hot! 
So today I'm still in my bed clothes and its 4pm, I haven't had lunch and I've literally just been fiddling round with blogger for the last 2 hours.
I might do some photography work later. 
If the weather was nicer I would have much more motivation!!

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