Tuesday, 21 May 2013

ADKT Video

So a while ago (around March) I mentioned vaguely - http://ribbitsaidthefrogcalledtoad.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/movie-night.html - I was filming a photoshoot that Agnese was doing for some fashion students. The girl who made everything happen posted up a video (including my clips!) of her project. So it would be totally awesome for you guys to check it out. The filming I did only goes up to 1.33 but still... Watch watch!! 

Random post I know, I just thought it would be cool to put the video up since I did mention it in my blog and then never really brought it up again...! 
I had my first exam today... eek! Sad... The paper was horrible, I don't know why I even turned up for it to be honest! I'm going up to Trowbridge tomorrow to try and finish off ALL my IT work! So I defo need a good nights sleep and a stress free morning, because by the end of tomorrow I know I'll have such a huge headache. 
I've been drinking over 1 Litre of water a day this week! I don't know how much of a difference it will make, apart from me always needing to pee! I'm really trying to be more healthy and make sure I eat three meals a day - which usually gets really hard to do on the weekend because I end up going out. I also need to get a job, so I'll have money to join a gym and then during summer I want to start cycling again (maybe even uni-cycling hehe) and also swimming. I just want to get super healthy! Woop woop! Haha! This has been a really chatty post, I don't even have any photos for you guys. But what the heck! Hope you enjoyed the video - credit goes out to Nia Hardwicke for making it all happen and letting me and Agnese be a part of it all!
Speak soon
Louise X

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