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What to do when you travel all the way to college to finish off your Welsh Bacc, but then you can't find your teacher after spending half an hour wandering through a college that you don't know your way around. So yeah, my teacher gave me a classroom to go to. I went there and there was some other random class there instead. So now, because he can't organize for shit, my welsh bacc has gone down the drain and I'll be doing the same shitty thing next year even though I was the only one in my form to actually turn up to every lesson and try to finish the work. Yay me! 
After giving up finding my teacher I headed back to the city center. Not really sure what to do, not really up for going home and explaining to my mum I couldn't do my welsh bacc, I wandered round town for a while trying to figure out how to get hold of people. I tried to top up my phone - not enough money. Get a new library card so I could use the library internet - I owed money on my old card and my account was blocked. Use a payphone to get hold of someone - Josie didn't answer (she was in a media thingy) Agnese's phone was off and Rose didn't answer but I left a message which then got her to call me on my mobile. Thank god! At this point I had been in town for roughly an hour and a half and was at breaking point. She asked me if I wanted to come down to Penarth for a bit, so I said yes and jumped on a bus to Cogan. 
We went for a chat in the park for a bit and then went back to Alex's where we played with Millie - Alex's really hyperactive Border Collie, had a smoke and then me and Rose headed back into Cardiff to meet up with everyone. So here are some photos of my day! :)
Hehe, ima upload some videos of Millie too cos she is just so cute.

Ok guuys, so tomorrow I'm going out in the evening with everybody! ^_^ Yay! So I'll do a blog post like Saturday or something, right now I am very hungry so ima go eat... 
Louise X

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