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Diana Ross Lomo Camera

So you may have noticed this post and my last post have both been uploaded today. This is because my internet cut out yesterday! But my last post was meant to be posted yesterday, if that makes sense... Today is my post showing you some of my film camera prints! I also need to decide which out of the following 3 cameras I should get:
The camera I am borrowing from college, but without the flash
The camera I am borrowing from college with flash
Ew shit quality image
Mini Diana Evelyn camera - basically the same as the mini but PINK
I can't wait to get one though! I am so obsessed with them and the photos and so cute! Now to show you some of my developed photos:
Yay! Let me know what you think of them! When I got these developed they gave me another reel of film so I have more photos being taking in the process. I'll probably have them developed by next week? Depending on how much money I have. Then I'll take a break and save up for my lomo camera! Woo, exite is me. 
Till my next post
Louise X

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