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Girly Night Out

Hayoo! The weather has been beautiful these last two days, and its finally May! Summer where you at??! I had two things to talk about in this post. 1. I got some photos developed today. 2. I went out with the girls Wednesday night! So I should begin right?

Sad news! It's too late at night for me to take photos of my developed photos - the lightings not good enough! I'll do it tomorrow morning and do a morning post! So lets talk about Wednesday... I didn't go to either of my lessons! Not good. Basically I was in a shit mood and I took too long to do my makeup so I would of been late, so I was just like F**k it. Theres no point! So I stayed home and did a little bit of photography till my glue ran out. Then I just sat on the laptop for a while and did.... nothing. But at around 11am my momma came home from holiday! So that made me happy because I was hungry, but it also meant I had to explain why I didn't go to college, I made an excuse but I think it was obvious I was bullshitting. Anyways at around 5.30pm I went to go meet Agnese to finish off my camera film so I could get them developed for today. That didn't take too long and at 6.30pm I went to go meet Rose because we had planned to go out with Abbie, Haiyen and Jess in the evening. We got ready and went to go meet them at Gassy Jacks at about 7.30pm and then after about half an hour we headed into town to go Gatekeeper. I ended up getting preeeeetty drunk, I drank so much! Like 8 shots of vodka, plus the rest in a glass, wine and pitchers. Jeeeeez. Its so annoying because I was telling myself that I'd had enough and just keep drinking! It was a really fun night though and we were so loud in like a dead bar. At around 11pm left. Jess and Abbie took a bus home. Haiyen and Rose went to Glam and I called Josh and he escorted me home over the phone. Then I collapsed in my bed and my head was spinning until I passed out! (Not dramatically speaking I just fell asleep hehe) This morning, oh my, I felt horrendous! But I knew I had to be on time so I could prove to my mum that I can go out on school nights. I just blocked out my hungover, and by the time I left for college 8.45am! I didn't feel so bad. Unfortunately photography soon changed that. I won't go into it too much, but I am under so much fucking stress its insane! I'll let you know by next Thursday whether all the stress was worth it or not. But now here are some photos from last night, enjoy!

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