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Hitting the Library

Today its been raining a lot, but I like it.... I'm not really sure why I just do. I've been walking around a lot in it today and it felt kind of nice, I was even tempted to go walk my dog in it, but without my umbrella so I would just get drenched. But then I realized I already have a shitty cold and would prefer not to be a snotty, coughing mess for my exams! 
I've realized how much I love Spring. It is most definitely my most favourite season. Everything about it is just so beautiful, all the blossoms bloom and there's always a sudden outburst of flowers and suddenly everywhere you go there's bluebells and forget-me-nots. The trees burst with green leaves, that whisper in the wind. I love it, everywhere I look there's just green lushness. Mmmm my favourite colour - green!! And the weather! I can't really count this year, but usually from March-May the weather is just right, not too hot, but hot enough to wear what you won't without chucking on layers, but every now and then full on showers of rain. Its lovely. And the daylight times!!! Don't get me started on those, the sun rises at 5am, falls at 9pm. There is nothing more perfect than that, I love nothing more than waking up early with the sun already risen. It really gets me ready for the day, and puts me in an amazing mood! So yes, that is why I love Spring. I wish I could of taken more photos of all the lush green trees but it was too rainy to take my camera out, here's a snap with my phone though! 
So I may have gotten a bit distracted, but I seriously needed to tell you guys why I love Spring :B Today I spent the morning in the library doing Biology and a bit of reading. Then I popped home for lunch and then went to meet Josie around 2pm at Central Library. We spent most of our time there just talking but we did a bit of reading too I suppose! We were up on the 4th floor and I thought we had a pretty sweet view of The Hayes, even though it looks dead because everyone's hiding from the rain! 
Also I have some more candle pics for you, purely because the wax always looks so pretty and when I blow out the candle, the smoke is so lush and wispy! I melted the cherry wax today, but I might change it back to the daisy one because the cherry one is Josh's favourite and he wants to be there when I melt it haha! But my room still smells like cherries even when I'm not melting it, its divine!! 
So yeah this was kind of a mini-random post. I hate not posting for a few days, I love keeping you guys in the know even if my day was pretty low-key! 
Heads up for you guys though - Friday I'm up in Bristol! Sunday Rose's mum is holding a Vintage Boutique sale at her house because she has loads of things she needs to get rid off, even though I'll be penny-less. I'll pop over and take some snappers, should be fun and it would be nice to do a more fashion based post! 
Till my next post
Louise X

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