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Photography Craziness

Hello all! I was going to do this post (but I have more to talk about now) yesterday. But photography work took over the whole of my evening so here we are! This week has been such a fabulous week! I've been in such a brilliant mood. It may be partly due to this amazing artist:

I've been incredibly obsessed with her album the past two days - I'm talking non-stop repeated playing! OMG can we just stop and take a moment to talk about how much of a good mood I am in, I don't even know why! I feel like crying, guys I feel like I'm on mandy, BUT I'M NOT. 
Ok I think we need to start this blog post.... (sorry). So yesterday! 9am I went to the library and spent the next 3 hours writing up what to put in my photography book. Then I quickly popped home to pick up some money and the film I needed to get developed, then on the way to Josh's I gave the film in to the camera shop and ran for the bus because it was right behind me and the one I need to catch comes every 20 minutes . :c But I made it! (like a boss) Then I went to Josh's and we chilled for a bit till around 5ish. Then I headed back home and picked up the developed photos on the way! So here they are:
They're such bad quality because I took photos of the developed photos with my camera, so it made them quite blurry! Then once at home I started sticking everything into my book and writing up everything I had spent the last two days thinking up. This went on till around about 12am when I had reached my limit, with - what felt like - a broken thumb and bruises on my knees from kneeling down so long. I set my alarm to 5.30am so I could wake up an hour early to finish off. 
The next day I woke up straight away and leaped out of bed (quite literally) and got to work to finish what I could of my book. This is everything I did in that 8 hour period:
Then I got ready for college and from 9am to 8pm with an hour break around 1.30pm I was in the photography classroom trying to figure out my final images and sort out some little extras I needed to stick in my book. But I am done!! DONE I TELL YOU!! No more photography for me till next year! Yay! My first A2 subject! :D Here are my final images:
The prints are A3 and my topic was Emotions, I'd love to know what you think of them!!! :D
I don't really have much else to talk about...? I do have a few more photos though! 
Candy floss sky 5am this morning! First time I'd see a sunrise in a while since the clocks went back/forward (what is time) I've missed them!
The beginning of my Lomo photo wall - basically all the photos I get developed so they don't over run my other photo wall. Ima cover that whole little corner then move on to the left past that cupboard door and onto the wall that is by my stairs! My room is going to be full of photos I can guarantee! 
Jumper - Urban Outfitters
Black Shirt - H&M
High Waisted Shorts - Topshop
Editing and printing my finals! Go me! :D 
Haha! So that's all for this post, I feel like I've bombarded you with photos! Sorry! I'm not entirely sure when I'll post next, I'm not going out tonight but next Friday me and a bunch of friends are going up to Bristol for my friend Ruba's birthday! So I'll make sure I bring my camera. As for the Diana Mini camera - I had to give it back to college, but after I go out next week I'll begin saving up for one! 
Love everyone lots
Louise X


  1. your finals are amazing :| :O

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