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Pop To Penarth

I didn't really expect anything to happen today, but I ended up going out with Rose around 6pm to Penarth. 
Last night I slept so fricking early! Like it was still light when I fell asleep, it was weird. I had an amazing sleep though - be jealous :B I didn't have a lesson till the afternoon, so I spent the morning being lazy and eventually got ready around 11am and then left for college at 1pm. I only had welsh bacc but that was so damn stressful because we only have one lesson left now to finish everything :'( And welsh bacc is one of the things I just need to get out the way this year. My lesson ended at 3pm and then I went home and again wasted away my time on the internet. Around 5pm Rose called me and asked if I wanted to come up to Penarth. At first I was like no I can't, but she eventually convinced me and I rushed into town and hopped onto a train to Cogan. I'm really very tired right now :c So here are the pictures from the day:
Then I got home in time for tea, and now I will sleep because I am ridiculously excited for tomorrow:
Guys, I am so excited!!!!! Face decoration xD eeeeek!! Lmao! I am going to have so many fricking photos for you I can't even begin to talk about tomorrow. So I shall just sleep now and make the day come sooner!!
Peace out Lovelies
Louise X

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