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Ruba's 18th Birthday - Wonka Vision - Trip To Bristol

The last two days have been manic. My Friday began at 6am, because I was woken by so many fucking seagulls outside my window. Do you want to see how many? Jesus, too many.
Yeah so I took pictures of them.... But look, pretty sunrise!! So yes, after being woken up nice and early. I went downstairs had breakfast and just got ready super quick. I phoned Agnese at like 10am to sort out what was happening and then I talked to Kaiya on facebook and arranged to meet up with her in college. I spent my time in college just reading and ended up walking to Central Station to meet her after I finished my book! We then spent the next 2 hours trying to print out some of her photography work and also the coach tickets. We then headed to the Megabus bus stop to meet Ruba and Agnese and also went to buy some water. The bus was meant to arrive around 3.35pm but I'm pretty sure we didn't actually leave till around 4pm! The bus ride was pretty quick and we were in Bristol by 5.30pm, where we were met by Reem, and we headed back to her flat. Not before stopping at Weatherspoons to pick up some grub (food) (and then we ate like animals).
Once at the apartment we sat around for a bit and met Reem's housemates and then at around 8pm we went to her room to get ready and sparkle ourselves up!!
I love how kooky Agnese looks in the last photo aha! And I just look naked awk, but I'm wearing leggings I swear!! Once we got ready we went back to meet everyone else and then headed out to catch a bus to go to some other house that was right by Motion, so it would be easier to head there when we were ready. At the house we just sat around and talked and I took photos of everyone haha! 
Then at around midnight, it was time to leave for MOTION. The walk took quite a while but oh my god - when we got there. Motion is a warehouse. A warehouse! A warehouse/converted mother fucking skate park. Like holy fuck I've never been somewhere so cool in all my life. It had a fairground ride out front, for all the people fucked out of there minds to go get even more fucked from spinning round multiple times. It was insaaane!! We managed to jump through some massive queue because we had physical tickets (yay)! so we were in pretty quickly, once we had given our tickets we got searched and then we went through and let the craziness begin!! 

I have a map to show you where all the rooms were because it would be too damn hard to explain otherwise!!
So the Outdoor Zone was the entrance, we walked through there and headed straight to the Venue Space, which was the main act stage basically. When we arrived some awesome Arcadia Spectacular was performing, they're basically like a circus music act. Check this out:

We saw them live, how fucking amazing is that!! The rest of the night I basically spent it dancing, chilling in the smoking area and making friends with random people (are you even surprised!) Looking at the map - the "main room" played Dubstep I think, which was pretty good. The "tunnel" was DnB which was alright but a bit samey and I was chilling down a bit by then. The "terrace" was the smoking area and yeah, I don't know what the "Temple of Boom" was I think I only remember being in there once aha! 
The first two images are of Arcadia, and the other two I met a really nice girl who gave me a bindi >o< The rest of the night I put my camera away to have a fucking amazing night of dancing. We danced to Jack Beats in the venue and that was fucking insane, then there was another guy on the main stage who started singing Happy Birthday which was fucking awesome because it was Ruba's birthday and we were all going mad aha! The night was just so amazing, raves are actually the best. You don't have wear damn heels you can wear the fuck you want, you can do the fuck you want and everyone is just there to get fucked and dance the night away. Its amazing. We left the place like 6am, it was so funny leaving the warehouse to the entrance  because look how light it was:
Seriously, what a mind fuck aha! We then all caught a taxi back to the house and just sat in the lounge for a few hours and chilled. I think I was really sleep deprived because I started loosing the concept of time, and forgetting what had just happened literally seconds after it had happened. Like I would talk to Ruba and then like a second later I would be like 'Did I just talk to you?' Haha! I was tripping out. So after a while I decided it would be a good idea to get some sleep, so me, Agnese and Ruba went a slept in a room till about 10.30am, then I woke up and got everyone up and went to Reem's room to get all our things ready. We had booked a coach for 1.35pm so that was fine. We just spent the next few hours getting ready and waking up properly. We then caught a taxi to Bristol UWE where the megabus bus stop was and waited for the bus. 

It was actually quite nice weather yesterday as it should be till Wednesday (yay). In the coach I just attempted to sleep and ended up drifting off to Kaiya and Ruba singing - cuute - we got back in Cardiff around 2.45pm, we then just went to McDonalds for some food and then headed separate ways! Yay!! So much fun! 

This afternoon is Rose's mum's boutique. I should be heading over Rose's in a few hours to get everything ready and I'll do a post about it either tonight or tomorrow morning! I should have a few posts this week purely because the weather will be nice so I'm sure I'll be going out to the Rec to chill with people. :D I also have exams this week yay? This Thursday, Josh finally gets his leg out of his cast which is good! So yay! I shall be posting soon then!! 
Much Love
Louise X

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