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This Saturday I spent the most of it at Josh's but then at around 4pm Josie called me asking if I wanted to come over her house with Agnese because she had a free house. I said yes, but that I would have to ask my mum. At 7pm I got home and asked my mum - she said yes! (Shock horror) so I got ready, had dinner and went to catch a bus into town. Then from town I caught a 27 into Birchgrove, not knowing exactly where Josie's house was - I only had a rough idea from when I last went there - I was waiting for her to call me! But it was only until I got off the bus and started walking down the main road to see if I could see which road was hers, she called me, thank goodness!! So then I went to hers and Agnese was already there, we just chilled for a bit in a cute little den they had made and watched some Gilmore Girls. 
Not much later we walked to Heath Park to go meet Dylan to have a chat. Then half an hour later we headed back to Josie's packed our bags to leave and go to Morgans.
Once at Morgans we just chilled there from 10pm to around 3am I think.... we just talked about things I can't even remember, and cuddled and played guitar. It was magical.
I like this photo better upside down for some reason! 
Then at around 3am we headed out to the underground bar that we went to on Morgan's birthday, and I ended up talking to people for most the night again aha! I just can't help it!! I did dance a bit too though... I think... But yeah the night was amazing and we ended up leaving around 7am.
So at 7am, Josie and Agnese went back to Josie's house to clean up the place and I went back to Morgan's with him and Dylan. At Morgan's I was trying so hard not to sleep but I did eventually for about an hour or so, till 10am. Then Josie came back to meet us because she couldn't do her shift at work because she was loosing her voice! Then they walked me to my street and I popped home.
Hehe! ^ Dylan sleeping a Morgans :')
At home I went on my laptop for a bit, watched New Girl, but my room was so cold so I brought the laptop over to my bed to watch The Big Bang Theory, but I fell asleep!! It was so funny I slept till about 1pm I think... and then my mum woke me up because she could smell a candle I was burning... That's right!! I bought Yankee candles finally! Well I bought the little tart things that you melt with another candle. I'll show you which ones I got and what they smell like:
Black CherryThe absolutely delicious sweetness of rich, ripe black cherries.
Bahama Breeze: (This smells ridiculously good!! o_o) There's cool summer refreshment in this tropical blend of pineapple, grapefruit and mango.
Sicilian Lemon: A bright and sunny citrus... perfectly ripe, with a naturally sweet and refreshing scent.
Loves Me Loves Me NotA fresh field daisy with pretty white petals just waiting to be plucked… oh, the anticipation!
I am burning Loves Me Loves Me Not right now, its smells so nice. The tarts are £1.25 each, which is so cheap!!! And scentless candles are like £5. Plus I had a tart burner already in my house so I thought I might as well use it!
The tart is put on the top cup thing, and then the scentless candle at the bottom, I love hoe it builds up in the bottom! The last picture shows it melting (after being melted before which is why its already spread out across the holder). 
So that has been my weekend! What do I have to look forward to next week? Monday I might be going gym with Kaiya, Ruba, Violet and Gemma, and see Rose hopefully. And then Friday I'm going up to Bristol for Ruba's birthday (woop woop) gunna be AMAZING!! 
Till my next post 
Peace X

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