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A Cycle Trip and a Fitness Ball

Yesterday was literally the most active I've been in so long! I was outdoors practically all day! Well from 2pm to 10pm hehe! Me and Agnese had planned to go for a bike ride, but since Josie couldn't come out because she was revising, we thought we would postpone it and go for a small bike ride instead. So at around 1pm I went to get my bike out of the garden, only to find the seat had popped because of the rain and the tires were flat! I was so sad, so I called up Aggie and I decided to catch a bus up to hers and then we'd go on the two bikes she had at her house! When I got there we went on a little trip to Tesco's and back, which was fun but we found out that the breaks on my bike didn't work hehe! So I couldn't go that fast! :c
We cycled back to Aggie's and had some lunch - well Aggie made me and Chicken and cheese and ketchup and butter sandwich lmao.. It tasted a bit weird to be honest but the chicken was gooood. Then after going on the interweb for a while and deciding what to do next, we came to the conclusion of cycling to Roath and meeting up with everyone. 
Cycling back to Roath was fun haha! It was scary at the same time though because I couldn't go to fast and had to stay a bit behind Aggie otherwise I might of hit into her. But it was so nice, cycling is just great. You appreciate your surroundings so much more, you barely get out of breath and its so quick and easy. I love it. Wish I had a bike that works now because I would literally cycle everywhere!! Anyways... we got to Morgans house around 50 minutes later and just hanged there for a while till 7pm. 
At 7pm I went home and dropped off my bike (Agnese's bike that I am borrowing for a while), had some dinner and then grabbed my long board and came back out. Agnese, Josie, Morgan and Doob were still outside my house so with them I headed to the rec and then past the rec into the Flower Gardens. We met up with everyone else briefly and headed to the Basketball courts to play some B-Ball, but they were all taken up. So we stayed at the Flower Gardens for a while and played catch with a tennis ball I found and then Agnese left to cycle home and a bit later we went back to the Rec.
Look how the Church is lit up by the sun - pretty right?! Back in the Rec we met back up with Twm and Rob and also a fitness ball that they had found... in a well apparently!!! lmao, all I know is that it is so much fun to play with!! We spent the next hour or more playing with the big ball and watching the sun go down. Then Josie left to go home, and a bit later we all left at around 10pm.
Heading back home was the funniest thing though, omg! It was me, Dylan, Twm and Doob and Morgan was on the longboard. But we all had some type of ball each. Dylan had the big fitness ball, Twm had a football, Doob had the basketball and I had a tennis ball and we were all bouncing them along as we walked. And it was so funny because it must of looked so odd lmao! Hehe made me laugh, I wish Josie had been there to film it :') At home I played with Skippy for a bit because he was super excited to see a new tennis ball haha! And then I made a hot chocolate and went to bed! 
Today I managed to wake myself up early - Yaaay!! I have loads to do! I want to make Josie's, Agnese's and Rose's bracelets today before I see them later today, I also need to write in my diary because I keep forgetting and then in the afternoon we're going over Rose's to do some tie dye!! So yaay!! I think I'll post about it tomorrow morning, because it seems like this is a good routine to stick to. Lmao!! 
Till tomorrow!!
Louise X

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