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A Productive Day - Tie Dying and Sunbathing!!

Saturday morning me and Rose woke up around 8am. We got up pretty much straight away and went to make some breakfast. Porridge, orange juice and jam on toast!! Yum yum!! It was already a really nice warm day, so we decided that we would later on go for a walk of some sort.
At around 12pm we left and went to the rec, the sun was so lovely!! I literally just lay in the sun for about half an hour or so maybe more! We then went to a park called The Flower Gardens next to the rec. The flowers there were so pretty hehe, and Rose took some shots with her new Holga lomo camera. After that we walked back through the rec and had a little explore around Welfield Road, Halcyon Daze has so many lush clothes in their store right now! We also went into the Yankee Candle store and found a cute Flower shop hidden away behind Welfield Road. Eventually we headed back to Rose's!
Halcyon Daze!!
Back at Rose's we decided to keep busy, even though my body was begging me to sleep! We did some tie dye/dip dye in her back garden. We only used the black dye because it took quite some time, but she still dyed around 8 items of clothing!
After we finished dip dying clothes, Ara called us and asked if we wanted to do something, since I was already going up to Josh's that evening me and Rose decided to walk up to Cathays and meet up with Ara and Josh. When we got to Josh's house they decided they wanted to go back into Roath to the rec... Soooo we walked allllll the way back to the rec (this was around 6 or 7pm) At the rec we just sat down, ate and drank, well everyone else did I just tried to sleep, but it got a bit too cold! 
Then at 9pm we went back to Rose's for a bit, the boys went to go talk to Rose's brother, while me and Rose went on a mission to put all her cats in her room!! We managed to get 4 in and Gigi went in briefly but then she opened the door and they all fled, apart from Teto who got lost in Rose's curtain. 
Rose ended up staying at home, and then me, Josh and Ara walked back up to Cathays. We also bought some Miss Millies, it was yummy! On the way to Josh's there was a really cool moment where the sky was a kind of turquoise colour because it wasn't fully dark or light, the camera didn't really pick up the colours well because the street lights messed with the tones, but I have a video of the transition from light to dark. 
At Josh's we fell asleep around 3am, I actually had such a good sleep though and woke up around 2pm. Then I played some Fire Emblem on mah DS and watched the season finale of Elementary. At around 6.30pm I headed home and had some dinner. Rose then called me and asked if I wanted to go to Waterloo Gardens for a bit. I said yes and ended up taking Skippy, but not my camera :c Which was a shame because all the boys and Josie ended up coming out for a bit. We just sat down and let Skippy stroll around and sniff things. Morgan tried to play fetch with Skippy at one point which was an epic fail. He just kind of watched the stick and then walked away! Lazy dog :3 At around 10pm we headed home and here I am!
Till my next post!!
Louise X


  1. Your. Nails. Are. Awesome! I came across your blog and am your newest follower. I would love if you’d visit : the daily savant : and follow back (if you like)! Also, I have a choose-your-prize jewelry giveaway going on now!

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    1. aw thank you that makes me so happy - I did them myself!! :D Thanks so much for the follow! I've already followed you on bloglovin and I'll follow you on blogger now :D
      Louise xxx


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