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Buttercups and Bees - The Camping Trip

Where do I even begin!! First of all sorry for not writing this yesterday - I was so ridiculously tired I literally just collapsed on my bed and had some amazing 14 hours sleep. 
Yesterday began with me waking up around 9am. Doing my normal morning routine and then packing my backpack for camping. Once everything I needed was packed, I arranged some meeting up times with people and then at around 2.15pm I left into town to meet up with people. It must of been around 2.45pm I got a text of Josie explaining that she was running into town late and wouldn't make the bus. But I continued waiting for other people to arrive. During the time I was waiting I got a call from Tenovus about volunteering so that was cool! But it must of been around 3.30pm when I realized that no one was turning up. At the time I was really angry, because no one had called me to let me know what was happening, I had just been waiting there for about an hour. I went to see Rose and told her what had happened, but I started crying out of frustration to her at work (silly Louise) once I had calmed myself down a bit and apologized to Rose I went home and called Josie to see what had happened. Turns out it was just a whole misunderstanding of meeting up. I was still quite annoyed I hadn't gotten a call off anyone the whole time I was in town, I just felt at the time like I was really easy to forget about. So I was still quite upset and called Agnese and she allowed me to unleash all my frustration out on her (sorry Ags!) Then I went to talk to my brother and eventually I was feeling a bit better. At around 5.30pm me, my mum and brother went up to Llanishen to go get our new French IDs and then we got a lift back in the ladies car (a Jaguar -yay!) Back home I quickly grabbed all my stuff and went to Rose's house. Then it was not long before we were picked up by Alex and then on our way to Josh's to pick up him and then at Tesco's so buy some tents and food! 
We must of gotten to Dinas Powys around 9pm, and then began walking through the fields to find everyone. Eventually we started hearing voices and called out to people who then came to meet us and took our bags. The area they had chosen was such an amazing spot! We were camping under the trees but only a few steps away from a field, it was so lovely!! Here is a film of the field outside and then I zoom into the area we camped!
We went straight into the camping area and set up our tents - which were quite easy and bigger than I thought they would be! Some people had already made a camp fire so after saying hi to people we went straight over to it and warmed up. 
I'm not going to explain every little detail of the night to you because that would take way too long and you'll probably all lose interest, but the night was amazing!! Running through the buttercup fields was the most fun, I felt like I could fly. Having to use torches to see anything at all, sitting round the campfire, it was all so amazing! I didn't drink any alcohol either - which I'm super pleased about! I kinda wish some people didn't get so drunk and I would really love on another occasion that we camp again but don't make such a big crazy night out of it! 
The video below, we put a cup on the fire and the flames went green it was SO COOOOL!
Eventually around 2/3am people started heading to bed. I didn't wake up at all in the night and before I knew it, it was light outside and a ton of birds were singing to their hearts desire. I couldn't really fall asleep after that, so I went outside for a pee and then decided to begin cleaning up all the rubbish around because I didn't want someone to walk past and notice just how messy it was! Around 7am everyone started waking up and getting out of their tents. It was already so sunny and warm outside so we went into the field and had a bit of a relax in the sun.
Oh! Here's a good view of what our campsite looked like (after I cleaned up all the stray bottles and cans)
It didn't take long before we all decided to go for a bit of a walk. So we headed down to a really cute stream and had a sit down by there for quite a while. 
 Dylan swinging on a swing!
Me chasing a dragon fly!
Awesome dragonfly I chased (video above) and then managed to take a cool photo of!
A dog owner came along with its dog and made it run back and forth in the stream it was so funny!!
Dylan being a pretty little girl
A cute little bee I watched!
We headed back to the campsite then and continued sunbathing out in the field. The sun at this point was soo boiling so I eventually had to take refuge in my tent where Josh was still sleeping! Inside the tent it was super pretty because the leaves were making a really pretty reflective pattern. 
We then began to pack up all our tents and sleeping bags and took them outside onto the field. I then cleared up all the rubbish in the area and put them in black bags. We had to double bag them though because they were so full! Alex popped by whilst all that was going on as you can see by Millie being exhausted in the grass!! It was around 3pm when we eventually headed back to civilization! 
Me, Josh, Aggie and Ewan caught a bus back into Cardiff and then we all seperated off. I got home around 5.30pm barely able to walk a step forward, went up into my room and slept for about an hour. Then my mum woke me up and asked how the trip was so I told her all about it and showed her pictures. I then went to have some dinner and climbed back into bed around 8pm. Rose called me a bit later and we talked on the phone for a bit and then I slept at 9pm and woke up 10.40am today! Lovely sleep haha! 
Now I need to have a shower and unpack my bag and get ready to go out later today for Jess' birthday! I'll link on a later post if any of my friends have done a post about the camping trip on their blogs because they may have some more photos! 
Till Then
Louise X

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