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Chapter Arts Center

Yesterday at around 4pm me, Josie and Aggie went to the Chapter Arts Center. It was really fun and good to actually get round to going there as I hadn't been before but will definitely be going again! Plus none of us had any money so it was a good way to spend time out without spending money!! 
We went to go see the But It's Not Late, It's Only Dark exhibition by Mauizio Anzeri. The exhibition was quite good but very small. I loved his pieces, the way he only revealed some features of the persons face, and the rest was covered with embroidery. I didn't take many pictures, because I wasn't sure if I was allowed, but I got a pretty good film clip that showed clearly the first room.
Another photographer that was on display was Emma Bennett with her exhibition Thief of Time. I really liked her images. They were quite abstract and simplistic. 
Once we had finished looking at the exhibitions, we popped to the toilets quickly and then spent some time  looking at posters for events on the walls and picking up leaflets. They'll be pictures of the ones I picked up below. We then caught a bus back into town. Agnese left me and Josie to go to her boyfriends, and we went back to mine and had some dinner. It was yummy!! Then me and Josie went over to Morgans and watched Princess Mononoke. It was really good, I liked the movie and I'm glad I finally got round to watching the whole thing! So then at around 11.30pm we all left, and I went home and slept (hehe). 
We're going to this!!
Want to check out this place!!
 Leaflets (places I'll be checking out/you should defo check out!!):
Yay! As you could see it was raining quite a bit yesterday and it should be for the next few days! But I'm still going to find stuff to keep me busy. I have bracelets to make, plus I found a bunch of photo albums with photos of when I was little so I'll do a small "down memory lane" post soon! 
Till Then 
Louise X

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