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Charity Shopping and Smoothies

The weather is so beautiful this week!!! I just want to be out in it all the time. Which will be possible once my last exam is finally over. Today I had my Biology exam in the morning, it went quite well I think tbh.. Like I knew what the questions were asking for and tried to answer them in the best possible way. Once my exam was over I went home did some revision for my Chemistry exam that's tomorrow *eek* Then at around 2pm Rose called for me and asked if I wanted to come charity shopping/chill in the rec with her. I said ayes and we headed out to Albany Road. 

We went into various charity shops, I found some cotton threads that are exactly like the ones I used to make my bracelets with for £1.50 for like 9 threads with about 5 or 6 colours, so yay!! I will be doing a post about how to make bracelets soon once these exams are over and I have time to make more! You'll see the ones I made in this post... Anyways!! 
After the Charity Shops we went to Juno Lounge for some smoothies and then we enjoyed the sun for a bit, although it was a bit nippy! So we headed back to Rose's...
At Rose's we just talked loads, Rose tried on her new clothes, we got some food and harassed the cats :3 
Then I left around 6.30pm and Rose walked me home and we stopped by the colourful street to take some photos and then there was this parrot in a cage outside the pub by my house. We got talking about photography and Cardiff to a really nice lady from New York too and I gave her the link to my blog because  she asked for it :3 Yay!!
So yeah that was my day!! The weather is meant to be brill all week so I am sure there will be plenty of posts to come (yay!) I'll leave you with this video of Rose singing...
Speak soon
Louise X

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