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Cosmeston Lake

I do not know why I am starting this post at this time.... Might not even finish it and do it later... Wah! Anyways... Sooooooo YESTERDAY I went to college for my language week. Basically we just learnt a bit of Italian, in the morning we learnt about Interesting places of Italy and in the afternoon we had some mask making thing. Oooh! I have to show you the noodles I had that lunch, they were amaaaazing!!!
Yeaaaah they were good. Ok... so after college which finished around 2pm I went back home, went on my laptop etc etc, then Rose called me and asked if I wanted to go to Cosmeston Lake to walk Millie, so I said yes and hopped on a train and went up to Penarth. Cosmeston Lake was so nice! The weathers been super lovely lately and on this day it was particularly warm. We sat in a field for a bit while Millie was thrown the ball - she's so energetic she doesn't need a break!! Eventually though she got a bit out of breath and needed some water, so we walked to the lake. It was so nice though, because there were geese and their baby goslings? And then a bit later some swan and her.... chicks... ducks... like I care... But yeah it was super cute and I got pictures and videos :B 
Then we just walked back to the car park and dropped Millie back home. Then me and Rose got a lift into Cardiff and went to meet the boys in Bute Park! We stayed until about 7.30pm and then I went home to go make myself and my brother some dinner. 
We had chicken and veg it was boom :3 Then at around 8.30pm I met back up with Rose and we went to go meet the boys again and then just chilled at Morgan's for a while, at Morgans we watched Pom Poko :3 It was really good I think everyone liked it, which is cool!! So yah that was my day and OMG I just started burning a Cherry candle and I just got a wiff of it, oh yay!!
I also have some clips to show you, well like 3. 2 of Millie... and 1 of my cat being freaked out by a seagull :3 
So today I went out aswell and I have nothing else to do... So I might just make the post for it now, which means I'm going to post like 2 posts in a row, unless I schedule it for later, but then the tenses would be weird and not make sense... anyways. Uhhh here are some photos? Hehe that don't really fit into yesterday but I want to share....
I will do a post about how to make these super soon!! Just need to find the right time :B 
Till the next post
(Which will be posted some time this day also)
Louise X

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