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You'll never guess what I came across.......
Three photo albums full of picture from when I was little - cuuute!! While I was looking through them it dawned across me, that I should totally be taking photos of some and putting them on my blog (so you know , you can see what a cool lil 90's kid I was...) There's only a few that I like the most, so ima just get straight into it and show you them! 
*Sorry if some of the photos are shitty quality - I couldn't take all of them out of the adhesive film.*
My living room when my parents moved in! People who have seen my house will know the difference haha!
Not prepared for that flash!
Mummy and Me
The Batman cake my dad made for me!
Me as Batman
My raincoat was so cool
Me and my brother!!
I'm normal...
My brothers face haha!!
The family and French nana!
Cute right! Lol... It's fun looking back at photos from when you were little. All the funky looking clothes you wore! I have a bunch of videos of me and my brother when we were little on the VCR. While making this post I realized it would of been cool to film some clips from it and put them on here.... Maybe another time! (A Part 2!?!) 
I'm going out tonight for a friends birthday so yay, you have another post to look forward too! 
Till then!
Louise X

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