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Happy 50th Mum! Making The Cake!

So yesterday I had planned to make a chocolate cake for my mums birthday - which is today! Originally I wanted to make a Brownie cake using a recipe I found online, but towards the end of the day I realized I didn't have enough money to buy the ingredients. I knew I was making the cake at Rose's so that my mum wouldn't detect no smell. Thankfully Rose's mum pulled through and said she had a brownie mix that I could use - HURRAH! So with that we started cooking!
The first stage was so melt some chocolate and butter and then add in eggs, the mix and some cream - we didn't have cream so we used soya milk, ooh healthy!! 
We then put the mixture in a cake tin, we had to separate the tin so that the cake wouldn't be too thin, just smaller and thicker!! 
And then we waited! All together I think it took around 40-50 minutes to cook! We were quite impatient waiting for it to cook!
But finally it was ready and here's what it looked like!
We took it out the tin and added chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles. When we were putting the cake in a container for me to take home we realized it was a bit too big, so helped ourselves to a slice each - just to check if it was any good ;)
For your information = IT WAS GOOD!!! 
With the cake made I stayed at Rose's for a while so I could sneak the cake back into the house without my mum seeing it till morning. But yay! I was so happy I made it :) And it's a super healthy cake which is brill!
Speak soon
Louise X

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