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Jess' 18th Birthday

Ah! Yesterday was actually a lot of fun! After doing my camping post I got ready, found something to wear and then headed over Rose's around 4pm. At her's we did our make up and hair, but still only left around 5.45pm! I feel like it was later but Rose took forever per usual!! Hehe. We took some fun snaps in her garden and in her room.
Look tall I am (hehe with heels) ;)
My ear is so socially awkward
We then headed on our way to Jess' house. At hers we had some pre-drinks and some pizza and then around 9pm headed into town!
Pulling faces when drunk is so appealing
We got a lift into town (yay) and went to Gatekeeper for some more drinks. James arrived a bit after us and then Ara came by but then headed off to Revs. Liam arrived towards the end and then we all headed off to Revs.
Some weird drunk man that was talking to us...
We queued up at Revs around midnight and some guy in an ice cream van was handing out free ice cream which was cool but a bit weird... So I had one, but then Rose wasn't allowed into Revs because her passport is out of date. So we said good bye to everyone because I wasn't up for staying if she wasn't. We then waiting for Alex to pick us up and then he gave me a lift home! At home I had some pork and gravy in a bowl it was yummy. Then I fell asleep with my cat on my bed, it was cute!
I'm not sure what I'm doing today, the weathers meant to be so nice for quite a while now and it makes me feel like I need to make the most of every single day! I'm sure I will hopefully, I really feel like making smoothies and lying in the grass today... Anyways I need to shower and get ready.
I'll post soon!
Louise X

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