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Lloyd's 18th Birthday

Yes.... This Friday I went out again! Gah D: I need to stop going town its such a money waster. But nevermind nevermind!! I spent my Friday washing my hair and hoovering my room, you know the usual Friday thang. At around 7pm I had dinner and then 7.45pm I headed over to Rose's to get ready. Abbie and Josie arrived around 9pm and we drank a bottle of wine, and then around 10pm or earlier Aggie came over and we went through another bottle of wine (£5 Strawberry wine hehe - It was actually super nice tasting). Not long after we left and headed into town, we went to Live Lounge first because the asshole bodyguards wouldn't let me in because I had a colour photocopy of my passport, even though I have multiple other cards with both my name and atleast one with my date of birth on and I've gotten in there before with it... I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later :\ So we headed to Full Moon instead and that was fine getting into because the bodyguards know me haha! Everyone else arrived soon enough so we just went through the usual routine of dancing and being outside.... I only bought one other drink which was cider and black.. Buying drinks can rinse your money so quickly I was really trying to avoid buying too many! At around 1 or 2am me, Rose, Abbie and a few other people went back to Live Lounge. Please... don't ask me why I wanted to go back there, tbh I think I was getting a bit fed up and just wanted to go for a walk... Of course I didn't get in so we walked back to Full Moon and then Abbie left like half an hour later. I must of caught a taxi around 3am because I was just tired and wanted the night to be over... I said goodbye to Rose and Lloyd and got to Josh's soon after. 
Here is a film and a poster/flyer wall I made because I had a bunch of cool flyers that I wanted to keep haha!
Today I've just been having loads of naps haha and I had some peng bacon and egg sandwich this morning :3 Couldn't finish it though :'( Hmm not really sure what is going to be happening this coming week... Hopefully should be going for a bike ride with Aggie and Josie on Monday! Yay! Not looking forward to getting my bike out the garden though! I'm sure I'll do a post soon haha! 
Till then 
Louise X

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