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Pale Chicks and Basketball

Aww dude this is going to be such a random day of posts, 2 posts in one day. It's because I'm on a role right now and have nothing else to do... And also I did go out today!! Well after my welsh bacc again. I went into college from 9am - 3pm in the morning we were taught greetings and numbers and in the afternoon we did some BBC Bitesize exercises. I chilled at home for a bit and then Agnese called for me and we went to the Rec to meet Josie. The rec was lovely, the weather was nice today, it was a bit more chippy (cold) that yesterday, but the sun was still warm so it was really nice. We stayed on the Rec till about 7pm just lying down talking, trying to catch a tan and reading (well I read like a chapter of my book).
 At 7 we headed back to mine and I made dinner for me and my brother. Then at around 8pm we went round Morgan's again and just chilled. It was really fun because at around 9 or 10pm we went to the basketball court by his house (and my house) and just played basketball, it was super fun!! Then we went back to Morgan's and watched some movie called... I don't even know lool but it had Jack Black in it and was quite good. Before we started watching the movie literally the biggest moth I have ever seen flew into the room. It was huge - we thought it was a bat!! It was insane. We managed to catch it and let it back outside but not after and array of shouting and screaming. It was funny though - I have a video clip to give you a small idea... Once the movie was over I went home and here I am now!! 
I don't have any college tomorrow - yay!! I'm only back for next Monday and Tuesday in the mornings and then my summer officially begins!!! Woo!! I don't think I'm doing anything big this weekend, I was thinking about going out tomorrow night but I dunno if I'm up for it now really... Tomorrow morning I'm walking the dog and I may just bring my camera see how I feel.. And yeah that is about all I have to say. I'm writing this at 2am for some reason so I am most likely going to leap into bed and have a wonderful sleep! I'm sure I'll have a post soon, either the bracelet tutorial/guide or something else! 
So till then 
Louise X

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