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Seans 19th Birthday

So on Friday it was Sean's birthday, it's Sunday (will be Monday by the time I post this) so I might not remember all the little details from the day so bare with me :'). Friday I didn't have college so I just slowly got ready, washed my hair, blow dried it and then took my dog for a walk around 12.45pm. I didn't take my camera sorry, but I had a really nice walk, got home around 2pm I think and then headed to Josh's for a bit. At Josh's we just chilled for a while... I don't really remember tbh! I just dropped off some stuff that I didn't want in my bag for the night and then left around 5 or 6 I think. At around 7 after I had dinner at home, I went over Rose's to get ready. Abbie came come around 8.30pm and then at 9pm we went to go meet Dylan and then headed over to Morgan's for a bit. At Morgans we just sat around and chilled till about 10.45pm when we headed into town.
Doob being Dr Eggman off Sonic ^_^
We then headed into town and went to Full Moon (of course) it was a really fun night and just consisted off dancing and then chilling outside. The atmosphere was really fun and the music was really good and everyone had a really good time I think!! :D At around 2am me and Rose went outside and had a talk and I decided to sleep over her house that night instead of Josh's. So I let Josh know and then at around 3am, me, Abbie and Rose took a taxi home. 
Sorry there isn't that many photos!! I didn't really want to get my camera out that much, and because it was night time the lighting was pretty crumby outside. I'll do another post tomorrow about my Saturday, because that was pretty eventful too!! The night was so much fun though, it was really good to go out to town again because I haven't been out in a while and my exams are finally over!! Woo!! :D I have a little video to share and that'll end this post!
Till my next post
Louise X

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