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Shelly Gardens

Yesterday didn't exactly go to plan... We were meant to do tie dying, but once everyone had arrived at Rose's (around 4pm!), the girls decided not to do it anymore. So instead we sat around Rose's room talking about tattoos. At 7pm we all went back to mine so I could have dinner. We made coffee and then sat around my room. I have Pork and veg for dinner, it was lovely! 
Sorry Josie I had to, I love this photo :')
At 8pm we went to go meet up with Morgan and the boys. We went to Shelly Gardens - which is the park with the basketball court. But we went into the flower area because it had a really cute seating area. We stayed there for a while and then someone came and told us we needed to get out so we went into the basketball court. I just sat around, I didn't really feel like running or being crazy. My mood was actually pretty crumby yesterday :c I dunno why, I just felt bleh. But it was good to be outside at least. :')
some weird bug I found
It started getting cold around 9pm so we left the park and headed to Morgans. At Morgans we just watched TV for a while, it was only me, Agnese, Morgan and Dylan. But Agnese had to leave around 11 or 12 I think, and I stayed till 1am watching some Ray Charles movie and then left and slept a wonderful sleep!
Today I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, which sucks because its 21 degrees, and then it'll be raining for 4 days. Everyone has things to do until later in the day, but why should I sit around in my room waiting for them! I wanted to go beach or cycling or something today. Nevermind... I'm sure I'll end up doing something, I dunno if it'll be post material though... You'll find out soon enough! 
Till then
Louise X

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  1. Loving how frequent your posts are! Amaaaazing, wish I saw you to-day.


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